29 March 2011

Question: Is your ideal female form (what you would WANT to be), the same as what you would want in a girlfriend?

First of all I have to apologize to you all. I received some questions and remarks via Formspring, but I didn't notice them until today since all the notification emails went into my spam folder ... very annoying. But I promise that I'll answer all the questions over the next days ...

But now to the question above.
My girlfriends so far have always been around the same age as I was / am. Most of them were blonde (current one is brunette), taller than the average woman and all were / are very natural. So, I love natural, tall women. Beside that I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be a couch potatoe or something. That's basically all I ask for and the rest comes from the character. :)
When it comes the female form I'd like to possess for some time I love variety. Sure, ideal forms I'd like to see on my girlfriends are among those ... I mean, I'm 26, so being a normal 26 year old tall woman ... who wouldn't want to try that out. :)
Additionally I have to say that I don't have an 'ideal form' when it comes to transformation scenarios. All these TF-things have to do with curiosity for me. If I had the chance I would try out some "female forms" voluntarily, but I wouldn't want to be that woman forever. When it comes to involuntarily transformations I like scenarios where I imagine myself struggling in a woman's body. E.g. being a much older woman, or being a chubby or even fat woman, being a woman of another race etc etc ... I like to think of scenarios that would really show how my character handles things.

But since the question asked for the bodies I would WANT to be, I have to say: NO. Example: I can imagine being a milf or mature woman, just to try it out, seeing how life would be, but I wouldn't want one as a girlfriend.

For everyone:
Is your ideal female form (what you would WANT to be), the same as what you would want in a girlfriend?


  1. Definitely not. I don't think I'd want a controlling smart ass girlfriend that is online mostly wasting time. Ummmm, what was the question again? LOL

    That actually is my answer though. Since I am pretty sure I'd be the female version of me, I have no desire to be with someone that is just like me. I'd need someone that was easy going, laughed at my stupid jokes, and generally was able to "ride out the storm" of whatever the hell it was I was ranting about at the time. Luckily, that is pretty much what I have, so I am not going to complain too much.

  2. Hmm... When I think if an ideal form, I agree with Dee and I believe Martha. I want to keep my identity (just ME as in a woman's body), and I don't think I would get along with myself very well.

    Now physically... well I'm gonna straddle the fence and ride it like a cow girl! I don't have a true 'ideal' physique that I want to be. And when I think of transforming, I first think of caps... as I'm a very visual person, I like very attractive women, so that would be close to my 'ideal'. Beautiful face, fit curvy body, perfect skin... stuff like that.

    But when I think of a serious girlfriend (and not just a hookup) I think purely of mental and character attributes. Her body will be what her body is. The girl that I was the deepest in love with, wasn't the most attractive girl out there. But to me she was a goddess because I loved her.

  3. I can answer that question for Martha. Martha's current girlfriend is a slut that likes to drive with me in my Porsche GT giving me blowjobs. Would Martha like to be like that? Hell no! She would want to be a whore on the street that gives $4.99 blowjobs in a Ford or a Chevy. Easy question!

  4. Dee: I understood the question like that: Would you want to have the body you'd also like to see on your gf? So your gf could have this ideal body but of course she wouldn't have your exact character. That would frighten me too if I knew my gf is a female version of me. :-P But if it's just the body, I can imagine trying out the body of my gf and then have her as my gf. I bet I can learn alot.

    Caitlyn: I agree with you. The character makes you love a girl. But when given the chance to try out the ideal body you'd like to see on your gf I wouldn't say no. Just like Dee you also thought about a female version of you as your gf, and that, like I wrote above, would frighten me too.

    Sasha: Very funny, whore!

  5. No, actually. My ideal female form is almost the opposite of what I want in a girlfriend.

    I'm attracted to tall, brown/dark-blond haired, athletic women who have an independent streak and can take initiative, who's equally comfortable dressed up or dressed down.

    Meanwhile, I want to be a petite girly girl who loves wearing skirts/dresses, loves being submissive and wants to be the stereotypical "woman in the relationship."


  6. Physically, I'd be what I'm most attracted to: short-medium height, with dark red hair and a voluptuous, curvy body with creamy skin. Not too much, but just a little extra curve. (blush)

  7. To be born a girl of a rich family who would devolp DD breasts and be a girly girl lesbian