02 April 2011

Question: What is something you would do as a woman, that you can't do as a man?

When I first read this question I was thinking: Hm, what can I say? All those things have already been mentioned thousands of times by others. Like there are:
  • Playing with your new sex and boobs
  • Maybe having sex with a guy and / or a woman
  • Flirt with guys
  • Date guys
  • Go shopping for lingerie and other clothes
  • Using the new "power" to manipulate people, especially men
  • Walk in high heels (I know it can be done as a man, but I wouldn't)
  • et cetera ...
So, let's assume tomorrow I would get the chance to spend the day as a woman. From waking up to falling asleep. What's there beside the standard stuff I'd like to do?
I would probably love to talk to my girlfriend, seeing if I can fool her. I could pretend being one of my ex-gf's (she doesn't know all of them) or something and see how she talks about me. I think that might be funny and interesting and I wonder if she'd see my character in the female body.
Then I'd also like to do sports in that body. I'm a sport addict and of course I love women in hot sports wear. So I would simply try out how those tight clothes feel, how the boobs and the hair feel when I run, etc. ... all those questions that appeared in my mind now and then when I watched women and wondered how it is.
For the rest of the day I'd try to get as much social interaction as possible. Seeing how friends, strangers etc. react when they talk with me, finding out how things work differently when I'm the woman in a conversation. Oh yes, sharing some female gossip in the bathroom of some club or something. Those would be fun things to experience before the day is over and I'm sure I could learn interesting stuff.

That's it. Probably very boring and uncreative for many, but when the day is over I think I have answered many of the questions I had.

For everyone:
What is something you would do as a woman, that you can't do as a man?


  1. Hmm... I'm not sure there is a lot that I would do as a woman that I can't do as a man. Its just that being a woman would remove some of the social stigmas associated with the act.

    I would play a little dress up with myself, but realistically I can do that now. I would go shopping for clothes and jewlery and shoes. I would go to a club. I would kiss a guy. All could be done as a man, but would have many people looking down on my while I do it.

    In fact there are only two things I can think of that I could do as a woman that I COULDN'T do as a man. Experience vaginal sex, and experience pregnancy. Pregnancy couldn't really be 'experienced' in a day, so thats out.

    And when it comes to real sex... well I'm not a man-whore myself. I rarely 'hook-up' with girls (and rarely really means I did it a few times in college while completely drunk). So I have no reason to believe that by changing gender, I would change my outlook on sex.

    So with that in mind, in a 24 hour period I wouldn't do anything as a woman that I couldn't do as a man. But I would do as many things as possible, just to experience them from a female perspective.

  2. Hmmm. Something that I'd do as a woman that I couldn't as a man?

    For me, I think I'd just like the ability to act differently. I don't think I'd act extra flirty, girly, or particularly odd. But I could if I wanted to, and that's what the fun part would be.

    I'd like to see how all the people in my life treat me. I'd like to see which ones would act odd around me, and which ones would act exactly the same.

    I guess that's what I think...


  3. I can do everything!

    As for your own answer, you have all this plans but in the end you'd probably wake up sucking some dude's cock and then you wouldn't even leave the bed and keep keeping fucked like a little whore. Maybe by the end of the day you'd make $20.

  4. I would say I would like to experience things that only a woman can. But I would like to spend one month as a girl.

    I would like to feel what happens while the hormones change a woman during all 28 days, including the "period".

    Feel the powewr to control men and flirt with them. Become another woman's best girl-friend. Feel the sensations of female masturbation. I would like to be a lesbian to experience sex with another woman. I would like to have sex with two men and feel a vaginal penetration and a double penetration.

    I would like to feel how a woman feel when she cheats her boyfriend and when she is cheated by her boyfriend. How she feels when she is a slut, a teaser, a good girl...

    In other words, feel most of the feelings, sensations and thoughts a woman has during a month and how they change while hormones change her...

    The possibilities are immense... Just thinking about it...

  5. From waking to falling asleep? Drink lots and lots of coffee!

  6. The first thing that cums to mind is exploring the sensation of a big, realistic dildo stretching out my new cunt. Always have wondered what it feels like to have a pussy and have it fucked.