14 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 37 to 64

First we have 5 new women who'll get the chance to live a business woman's life. What will you do to get a raise?

The two in the back (left to right)
Tim        now Tiffany
Arnaud    now Aiko

The three in the front (left to right)
Josh       now Jessica
Stud       now Bambi
Sam       now Kate

Now off to 7 new young women who just got their high school diploma. What's ahead of you all?
From the left to the right we have:
Nigel       now Kimberly
Shawn     now Kyra
Jordi       now Stephanie Adore
Samuel    now Kazumi
Leandro   now Nadine
Louis       now Brittany
Kevan     now Keva

And finally for today, I present 15 new women, all 30 or older, who will have the special task to participate in a Miss Milf contest. :) I wonder who can handle it and who will win.

Back row, from left to right
Cody       now Rose
Robert     now Zoe
Phillippe   now Angelina
Shane      now Sandra
Ed           now Hailey
Jason        now Sara
Chad        now Courtney
Thomas    now Cynthia
Rob         now Samantha
Edward   now Emma Louise

Front row, from left to right
Andre      now Emanuell
Cédric      now Lucie
Julian       now Ashley
Steve        now Stephanie
Kyle        now Lily

The next 27 owners of a ticket can see their new selves. Enjoy your vacations ladies. :)
Mabye the new girls and women want to tell us what you'll do during this month? How about the word that you chose to describe your personality, how would it change ... or would it be part of the female you during your vacations?


  1. Aw thank you Martha! I love my new edgy body, idk what I'll do first. Probably shop and get hammered drunk :)


  2. I missed out. Hopefully there is next time...

  3. Same here, I hope to win my female body next time!

  4. Shawn/Kyra

    Being a leg man, i definitely see a lot of stockings and heels in my future, and perhaps another woman who shares my love of stockings and heels

  5. I keep checking in at the wrong times. If theres room for one more
    If not then mayb i can convince Gwen to go out after cheerleading practice.

  6. Ohhh as Thomas I was so repressed and in control , but as Cynthia mmmm what a fantastic feeling . MMM oooohhh I love chocalate, and shoes , giggle , I want to buy shoes , and mmmm men , god , I feel almost guilty , giggle, mmmm indulgence . Good thing this is only a month . I could end up fat and pregnant with an amazing collection of shoes mmmmmmm , giggle, Im over 30 , and i guess im an airhead or just elated , like whatever.

  7. Oh god , I am like so ditzy, giggle , Oh nevermind , uhmmm , oooooohhhh a shoe store, im not over 30 now , giggle or was i , , Whatever , Im so confused , must be low blood sugar , mmmmm i smell cinnabons. Im Cynthia , for now , so like Thomas is like gone gone , giggle.

  8. And if there is more place:

  9. If theres room for one more

    pleaseeee :P

  10. Thanks hun , i look so hot as Stephanie , i hope my legs are shaved or even stocking filled (giggle)great work hun xx

  11. Ohhh had a wonderful time last night as Cynthia, have never danced on a bar before, and i really didnt miss my panties. I have more, and oooo fresh pastry, this is fun. Guys get horny so fast,i remember, but its so much fun to tease, and deliver . OOOo ooo napoleans.