02 December 2010

Me, a woman? Never!

This is one of the longer stories I've ever written. I made it for a nice person I know from RachelsHaven - Caitlyn. (Her blog can be found HERE) As some of you may know or probably noticed English isn't my first language and I always don't feel comfortable writing a lot text. Though I would kick ass in German with my writing skills I feel that I can't show it in English.
Well, I hope you all like it and maybe some of you can tell what they think about the cap. :) I enjoyed writing it.



  1. Martha,

    I loved the cap on the haven, and I love it here! You hit my preferences perfectly, and as always you selected a WONDERFUL photo! Just reading the cap again has brought that blush back to my cheeks. Thanks again!

  2. Keep writing those caps because your English will improve just like your cock sucking skills. Now where is that trailer trash blonde German bimbo?

  3. Martha I wouldn't worry about your writing skills they were just fine for this great cap. I loved the story and the photo matched perfectly.