27 February 2012

In the news - with tits!

I loved this picture, and the story that came to my mind I'd consider different since it's an interesting new situation you can find yourself in. I loved writing it since it uses elements I personally like a lot: Random and sudden transformations, multiple transformations and a short look into the future.

Are boobs really always fun?

That's an old Cap Contest Submission I posted on RachelsHaven.

23 February 2012

Bodyswap / Körpertausch Video in German


A follower sent me this link via formspring and I think it's a nice bodyswap video (In German though). Thanks for that though and I hope you German speaking people can enjoy it. :)


12 February 2012

Uh oh - where did you wake up today?

Well, great ... or rather not so great, the Great Shift hit and put the owner of this blog in a very awkward new body and job.
But before I tell you all who I've become I'll show you what happend to everyone else. The Great Shift isn't bound to any location and it swaps everyone with everyone, all over the planet. What scientists have figured out so far is a certain pattern the Great Shift followed. It seems that your date of birth (Day and Month) plays an important role for the Great Shift how to decide your fate. This are the results:

1st January – 15th January (A slut in Pakistan)

16th January – 31st January (Worker girl in China)

1st February – 15th February (Black stripper in Canada)

16th February – 29th February (Busty nerdy girl from Germany)

1st March – 15th March (Model in France)

16th March – 31st March (Nerdy black woman in England)

1st April – 15th April (Busty chick from Sweden)

16th April – 30th April (Nerdy student from Ireland)

1st May – 15th May (Student in Mexico)

16th May – 31st May (Trailer park woman in America)

1st June – 15th June (Black chubby woman from South Africa)

16th June – 30th June (Pregnant woman in Colombia)

1st July – 15th July (Punk chick in Finland)

16th July – 31st July (Young whore in Poland)

1st August – 15th August (Busty chick from the Philippines)

16th August – 31th August (Fetish whore from Russia)

1st September – 15th September (Hooker in Brazil)

16th September – 30st September (Hot chick from Indonesia)

1st October – 15th October (School girl in Norway)

16th October – 31th October (Hot wife in Tunesia)

1st November – 15th November (Milf from Spain)

16th November – 30st November (Mother in Nigeria)

1st December– 15th December (Slutty student from Japan)

16th December – 31th December (Young mom in Israel)

Well, I hope you all can get used to your new situations. I mean, I'm a married woman in Tunesia now and ... well, it was hard to find some free time to post this stuff before my husband gets home. So yes, I hope you all will share with us how you deal with the bodies in new countries.
My best friend for example had really bad luck: If he had been born one day later he'd be a hot chick in Indonesia, instead he's a hooker in Brazil now, working as one to get money for the flight home ...

Anyway, all the best to you all and try to have a good day. :)

06 February 2012

I'm sorry

Hej you all and sorry that I didn't post anything in almost a month,

time was really busy for me and though I had a free hour now and then I kind of forgot about the game on my blog. :(
First of all I want to say that I will post the results of this game soon. But for that, I need you to send me a few more pictures to the email-address below. 
Thanks to everyone who already sent me pictures - they arrived and have been stored. :)

Next Saturday I'll post the results, no matter how many pictures I got. 
You all don't have to sign up since I'll post a woman to each month of the year. The month you were born in will decide which body you get. :) Be sure that you can remember which of the types you chose in the voting some time ago. :)