06 January 2015

Problems come with a Shift

„Hey Dennis, you always loved huge tits, how about now“,  John said with a huge smile on his face.
„I fucking hate them, right now I only want to adjust my heels which suck as well, but these tits only get in the …. oh“, and with that he found out what that comment was about. „Fucking boob-slip, if I don’t wear a fucking tight sports bra these tits will never stay in their place.“ He said and quickly put one of his newly gained 34 F breasts back into his dress.
From across the room Dennis‘ girlfriend, or rather boyfriend now, couldn’t help but smile. She loved the fact that the Great Shift gave him the body of her best friend since he always loved to stare at her cleavage. On the other hand her new male equipment between her legs told her that she loved the sight of her boyfriend.
(Hope you like my approach to an animated cap. Unforunately I don't know how to combine text and gif, but i hope that works :) )
Happy New Year from Martha