24 December 2011

Happy Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten

So, the same procedure as every year. Not that it is a boring or even bad tradition, it's just that you know what to expect. :) One hour from now the family meets and a 3-day lasting eating-marathon beginns.

I really hope that you all have nice days with your family and that you receive many nice presents today as well. :)

Family gatherings usually are a super funny thing in my family and therefore, since I didn't have the time to make a cap or some bigger project or so, I have something funny for you, enjoy:

All the best for all my cool followers!


18 December 2011

I should have asked what she wants ...

That was a cap I made for the "25 caps of Christmas" at RachelsHaven, started by Terri. Each day until Christmas a new Christmas related cap is posted. That's my entry for the 18th December.


11 December 2011

Carrying 2 punishments

Sorry for this being the first post in a quiet a while. I haven't been at home much since I was travelling alot lately and then the time here became busy.