07 October 2018

A quick survey

Hello everyone,

sorry for not having posted anything in a long time. Martha is still alive but was pretty distracted from capping due to busy times. 
I do plan to post caps again now and then and also want to do an interactive game. :)

For that I have a question. Everyone should know the FOSE universe, where the victim becomes the person they thought about when climaxing.

So I wonder who would you be if the FOSE had happened the last time you had an orgasm? Maybe you have a celebrity you'd have become after the FOSE :)

My last times: Of course I'd be my girlfriend or friends of her or even some random chick I saw on the street. The last, sort of, celebrity I thought of was a german pornstar named Aische Pervers. Not sure if it's good or bad, but after the FOSE I'd be stuck as her :-P 

So how about you?