30 January 2011

Two big surprises!

Question: So we see a lot of different fantasies (Great Shift, Wizards, mothers....), but what is YOUR fantasy?

I'll be honest and say that I'm not completely sure what you mean by this question. Things likes "Great Shift", Wizards" or (lol) "mothers" (I guess you are referring to a situation where your mother is the cause for a change) or something else are "tools" for me, "universes" as often called.
When your question refers to the usage of those I can say that I like the Great Shift the most. This universe gives you a definite setting of event and you can deal with the results.

That leads me to the other interpretation of your question: What I personally like for myself in all this TG fantasy?
Again, the Great Shift describes it best. I love being a man, but the GS would force me having to live a completely different life from one moment to another. The exciting part for me is how those situations could look like, how I'd handle them and where this would lead me .... that's where my fantasy sets in when I think of TG stories. :)

I hope I answered your question good enough. But I also would like to ask this of everyone else:

Which fantasy does you lead through the TG community?

Is it a fantasy like mine, to simply see how another life is like on the other side of the gender fence? Is it the fantasy about living our your female side by reading about crossdressing because you also do it in real life? Or what curiosity is it?

28 January 2011

All the luck is in me

It's the genes!

But mom!

A bitch's life

This cap was a request on the Haven and an experiment for me ... I've never written a story like that and I'm still not sure if I did a good job or not.

24 January 2011

What would you choose?

Ahoy there,
on some blogs I saw that people ask questions or start discussions. Therefore I thought I could post a question that aims at people's preferences and would make them explain why they picked what they've picked (If they want). I had this question in my mind for some time and will just ask it now.

Assumption: You are given the chance to be changed into a completely functional woman (as you desire only temporary or forever)

BUT: You can only decide one detail about your new body. 

When you've picked one detail and said how you want it, the other details are selected randomly.

E.g.: If you've picked your desired breast size, you may become older than you'd like and blonde instread of a redhead etc. ... or ... if you've picked your favourite hair colour,you may become a rather short african american woman with small breasts.

So, what would you choose?