27 September 2012


... that's not only a prime number but also the amount of replies to the latest interactive game as of 27.9. 14:36. :) That's a bit crazy but yet very cool.

Anyway, I will have to change the format of the results a bit due to that high participation. I can't post probably more than 113 pictures with small descriptions - please consider that I don't have that much free time at the moment.

Instead of a single picture (and woman) for each amount posted I'll post pictures for ranges. E.g. 1 - 100 €... 101 €- 200 € etc ... I'll think about that.

So, please don't be disappointed if you don't get a result specifically for your chosen amount.


24 September 2012

How much money do YOU need? (Interactive game)

That's the question (or slightly different) the new ATM around your corner will ask you when you need money the next time.
But be careful, the ATM has been enchanted by some old guy and randomly switches the minds of people who used the ATM. The old man and me are looking forward to see you all freaking out in front of the ATM. :)

I wanted to to pick up on some of the ideas discussed in the 'Ask Martha and get answers' section. :) I will also try to get to some of the requests once I have more time again.

But well, that's how it works:
I will pick pictures of random women and rate certain aspects of these women. Since it will be my taste and my opinions that influence this rating, it will be completely random. An easy example. The woman in the picture below. Her ass gets a 60, her hair 40, the overall body 82 ... that makes 182. (I won't talk about the scales etc. here, it's just an example ;) )

To sign up, you need to pick an amount between 20 and 1500 € $ or whatever currency. Once this sign-up is closed I'll make a list of your picked amounts and the list of women and the "values" they got from me. The closer your chosen amount is to the "value" of a woman, the more likely it is her body will be yours once I considered all amounts. :)
(Don't think picking a higher amount will make you end up in a super hot body, I'll take care of it so that no pattern can be seen)

Be aware ... women between 16 and 50 of age most likely use an ATM.

So, to participate, insert your amount needed here: ____________

(It ends on 30th September)

23 September 2012

Change within a gulp

It's Oktoberfest time - You all have a good ending of the weekend with a good beer! :)