25 June 2011

Training for the new life

I made this as a little thank your for POFF for all his comments. I got the inspiration while looking at his blog. :)

24 June 2011

Power of a bodyhopper

That's a small cap based on the idea I had when I saw the picture.

16 June 2011

Jungle Adventure (WizTV)

Good morning Dylan

That's a little experiment. With the help of Caitlyn I tried to go a new way for a Great Shift cap.
It's a gif-animated picture and  you have 30 seconds to read the text (or you have to wait 30 seconds when you are fast) before the new Dylan is revealed. :)

13 June 2011

New attitudes

That's one of my very first captions and I thought I'd show that here. Found it again by coincidence. :)

10 June 2011

Optional equipment

Money or tits (WizTV)

That cap is based on a story called "WizTV". I liked that story alot and I had this idea when I saw this picture. It's a nasty version of WizTV, but I made it as a thank you cap for someone nasty from RachelsHaven (Caitlyn) :D

The wall of sluts

The (impossible) task