31 December 2012

Business with a new fetish

Hej there,

this is my last cap for this year and thought I'd include the New Years aspect in it. :)

Thanks to everyone for following my blog in 2012. I hope to be a bit more active in 2013. You can look forward to many new caps and also some more interactive games. Next year this blog will also hit the 2*10^6 views and this will be celebrated by something special. 

So, you all have a cool party tonight and enjoy the free day tomorrow!

See you all in 1007² - 1006² ! :D


24 December 2012

Happy Christmas and link gifts

Hej hej,

zunächst einmal wünsche ich allen Frohe Weihnachten!
first of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas! I hope you'll enjoy the food and the nice presents today! ;)

But now for the Christmas link exchange. Unfortunately no one signed up on my blog so I will just feature the blogs where I signed up. :)

First we have Dee, from the blog Deelusions of Grandeur
I know Dee since some years now via Rachelshaven, but we also talk now and then. While I don't think I'm the right person to have a creative talk about caps with, I try to say something about a cap I like by telling how it appears to me.
Dee's caps often have a relatively short text to go with a picture as it can be seen in the example I picked.

I received many caps from Dee already and the text (besides slang words and sayings I don't know as a non-native speaker of English) never has been a problem for me. She can tell a story so well that you can imagine the rest ... there's never a question left. Often the picture also helps since they are almost always chosen perfectly for the cap. Dee never only uses a "plain picture of some woman", there's always something you can discover and you see she thought about it fitting the story or vice versa. :)
Also it's cool that she updates her blog quiet frequently and sets up interesting discussions together with a cap.
So yes, her blog is worth it stopping by. :)

Then I want to feature Caitlyn, from the blog Caitlyn's masks.
I picked a cap that's pretty young and still on the front page. Just as all the caps I read and enjoyed on her blog so far, this one shows Caitlyn really thought about a good story to fit a wonderful high quality picture. Not only did I choose this cap because it's about the Great Shift universe (people who know me, know that I love it ;) ), no, it's because Caitlyn found a completely new approach to this universe.

It's not only a plain description of the event and who switched with which body, the focus is not really on the Great Shift but on a single woman. And there it's not only about the new boobs etc, but the whole new person and this is great.
I've had some cap trades with Caitlyn already and I'm always looking forward for a cap from her since I know it will be a very good one with many thoughts in them to make me like it - which I always did so far.
I can't deny that I sometimes think my caps look pretty ugly compared to hers and my stories also never really stand out, but I'm not jealous or so in a negative way, it just makes clear that if you want to see caps of high quality (text and pictures) in a very organized and clean blog, I can recommend her blog. :)
Post Scriptum: My blog header is also created by Caitlyn, thanks for that again. :)

Now something on my own blog:
I know I haven't been posting much during the last 2 months, but I'll try to change that. It's really cool to know (from previous comments) that there are people that really like my caps and stop by. I really want to give them more caps, but besides working alot I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend and friends, so there wasn't much time left. This should change as I have some vacations in January. :)

Have a good day with alot of presents!


23 December 2012

Christmas link exchange

I saw a nice idea on Dee's blog: a link exchange.  That way people can find their ways to blogs I like and follow and maybe some others find their ways to me.

I will follow her idea and set up a blog post on Christmas, maybe around 15:00 Berlin time, where I will tell a bit about some TG caption sites that agree to do the same in exchange.  I'll take any people that agree to do so by leaving a comment. :)


  1. You post below that you wish to be involved in the gift exchange, saying that you want to participate and reciprocate.
  2. I will go to your TG Captions Blog and pick a caption I like, posting a thumbnail copy in the post and a link to that caption below it. Depending on how much time I have and the number of people participating, I might give a sentence or two about why I like the caption or why they should head there to the individual blog.
  3. You do the same thing for me. You'll have a thumbnail and a link to a caption of mine in your post. 
  4. This step isn't required, but I think it'd be great if you could post this on YOUR blog, looking for others to trade with. I think it'd be a nice gift for people who are just READERS of TG Captions to see how many blogs are out there, and give them exposure to some they might have missed.
  5. Make your post on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  6. I will not link to sites that ONLY snag other people's work. This is for the actual creators only. 

Have a good Christmas time.


01 November 2012

New school situation

I was going through my request page and saw that I neglected that alot. I will do more of them during the weekend. :)
Here's the first request. It was this one:

could you make a caption in which a 14 year old boy gets shifted by the exchange island or the great shift in to a really chubby or really busty woman


I hope you like it :)

29 October 2012

How much money do YOU need? (results)

Hey :)

First of all I wanted to say I'm sorry. I read some of the "annoyed sounding comments" but you all had the right. I started that game over a month ago but was terribly busy and ill for some time. So I hope that you all are not too mad at me that I post the results that late.

But here they are ... your new type of bodies after your next vist at the ATM around the corner :) I made 11 categories for the different amount each of you chose - let's hope you picked the right amount so you can enjoy your new body.

1 € / $ / 
£ - 50 € / $ / £ 
(Looks like you are going to go to school again - who knows if she's the school slut, but with her looks she certainly could be it. Don't be too shocked about your medium sized tits ... others have it worse)

51 € / $ / £ - 119 € / $ / £
(How ironic ... you picked one of the lowest amounts, yet you have a high maintenance body now. The office job you now have requieres the latest sexy fashion to hide your mature age of 43)

120 € / $ / £ - 222 € / $ / £
(Hehe, it was fun to watch her getting the body at the ATM. I could immediately see the former men only noticed the tits suddenly hanging on his 25 year old chest. At least she only wears her stripper outfits at work ... )

223 € / $ / £ - 310 € / $ / £
(Yes, it's you now ... are you wondering why the woman you are now didn't wear a bra when she was using the ATM? She also didn't want to buy one with the money ... will be funny to find out what your new body likes and wants ;) )

311 € / $ / £ - 452 € / $ / £
(The whole package for you ... and I guess you can imagine she needed the money for bady equipment. Don't look that disappointed only because you are a woman, have huge tits and a huge belly ... you have a good job, a nice husband and soon a cute baby.)

453 € / $ / £ - 640 € / $ / £
(Well yes, chubby girls also use the ATM ... let's just hope you won't use the money to buy more food. If you try to use it to get some new clothes though, you'll find out about the problems chubby women have when they go shopping. But hey, you are cute otherwise and good clothes can make you pretty sexy - even for your classmates.)

641 € / $ / £ - 760 € / $ / £
(Haha, get used to your tits and don't pull down your top for the 1000th time this day to look at your perky B-cups. You should buy some push-ups though ... a nice cleavage is always a plus for a secretary. I mean .. let's assume that's how you became the chief secretary ...)

761 € / $ / £ - 865 € / $ / £
(Ok, you are bit older now and your milfy tits can't be hidden at all, but hey, you have a rich husband, you drive a nice Audi SUV for the errands and you have 3 nice sons. May be a huge change for you, but you'll get alot of fun from your new fun bags.)

866 € / $ / £ - 999 € / $ / £
(Ethnic minorities also use ATMs ... as you know now. You are pretty hot and you Turkish family is pretty proud of you. The only downside is that you may not like your husband-to-be the family picked for you ...)

1000 € / $ / £ - 1251 € / $ / £

(You certainly got the biggest ass of all ATM 'victims' but by now you should also know it's a nice 'weapon'. With your job at hooters you may not be too happy, but at least you get to know many men that way and admit it - you like that and need that.)

1252 € / $ / £ - 1500 € / $ / £
(Ironic ... looks like there's a reason why the women you switched with got the most money from the ATM. A prostitute like her makes alot of money ... with no other education and the fake breasts of yours you really have no choice to do something else, at least for some time. But hey, you look pretty happy so it can't be too bad ;) )

27 September 2012


... that's not only a prime number but also the amount of replies to the latest interactive game as of 27.9. 14:36. :) That's a bit crazy but yet very cool.

Anyway, I will have to change the format of the results a bit due to that high participation. I can't post probably more than 113 pictures with small descriptions - please consider that I don't have that much free time at the moment.

Instead of a single picture (and woman) for each amount posted I'll post pictures for ranges. E.g. 1 - 100 €... 101 €- 200 € etc ... I'll think about that.

So, please don't be disappointed if you don't get a result specifically for your chosen amount.


24 September 2012

How much money do YOU need? (Interactive game)

That's the question (or slightly different) the new ATM around your corner will ask you when you need money the next time.
But be careful, the ATM has been enchanted by some old guy and randomly switches the minds of people who used the ATM. The old man and me are looking forward to see you all freaking out in front of the ATM. :)

I wanted to to pick up on some of the ideas discussed in the 'Ask Martha and get answers' section. :) I will also try to get to some of the requests once I have more time again.

But well, that's how it works:
I will pick pictures of random women and rate certain aspects of these women. Since it will be my taste and my opinions that influence this rating, it will be completely random. An easy example. The woman in the picture below. Her ass gets a 60, her hair 40, the overall body 82 ... that makes 182. (I won't talk about the scales etc. here, it's just an example ;) )

To sign up, you need to pick an amount between 20 and 1500 € $ or whatever currency. Once this sign-up is closed I'll make a list of your picked amounts and the list of women and the "values" they got from me. The closer your chosen amount is to the "value" of a woman, the more likely it is her body will be yours once I considered all amounts. :)
(Don't think picking a higher amount will make you end up in a super hot body, I'll take care of it so that no pattern can be seen)

Be aware ... women between 16 and 50 of age most likely use an ATM.

So, to participate, insert your amount needed here: ____________

(It ends on 30th September)

23 September 2012

Change within a gulp

It's Oktoberfest time - You all have a good ending of the weekend with a good beer! :)


05 August 2012

Martha likes Olympia and ...

the hot women you can see there. :D

Apart from all the great contests and athletes I can't help it but stare at some of the hot women there. I'm a sports-crazy person myself and I find sporty women simply super sexy. :) Man, some of them are sooo hot!! 
But I also couldn't stop wondering what would happen if some of the TG-universes or simply magic would mix up some of the games. :) Like, what would the huge muscular weightlifter do if he ends up in the body of a small female Chinese swimmer.
Are there female atheletes you find really sexy who you would like to see used in a cap? Who is a good protagonist to get / take over this body? 
Did you have similiar thoughts while watching the Olympic games?


15 June 2012

New Customers

Old Habits

Isn't The Change Embaressing Enough

Sorry again for being abscent for so long but it's all still pretty busy for me. I'll just post some small caps to keep the blog alive. :) Thanks for all the new followers and comments though.


15 May 2012

A small update

Hello you all,

you probably noticed that  I didn't post anything new lately. I've been pretty busy (and still am) with research at the university. I still have a look at the requests now and then and I also plan a new interactice game in the near future. But it will come bit by bit since I don't have the time to spend hours in front of the computer.

I find it cool though that my blog has roughly 10 new followers since I posted something the last time. :)

You all have a cool day, see you soon.


A stupid birthday wish

New Qualifications

01 May 2012

Star wider Willen

That's a requested cap in German.
Hoffe, dass dir diese Idee für Dominik als Lena gefällt. :)

21 April 2012

Martha's blog is now ...

  • broader, cleaner, sexier
  • more efficient and structured

So what changed beside the cosmetic change (new colours, layout, header, bigger fonts etc.) ? The most prominent change in structure is the pages bar right below the header.
I got rid of formspring (since they decided to send me notification emails only once a in while) and set up the "Ask questions and get answers from Martha" section. Post your suggestions, questions etc. there from now on and I'll reply as soon as I can.
Also new: The requests page. You have a nice scenario on your mind and think I could like it?  Post it there and I'll see what I can do. :)

I hope you all like it. Have a good weekend you all.


18 April 2012

Door of fortune

That's a cap back for Dee from Rachels Haven. I continued something I had used in two previous caps, which can be seen HERE and HERE.
It's basically about playing the tourist guide for each other, something goes wrong and we both end up with tits. :D


Neuer Lebensstil (Cap in German)

12 April 2012

Become what you write

That's a cap I made for CaitlynMasked from RachelsHaven. She proofreads alot of stuff for me and that's why I made her that dirty little cap and included myself.
We both have in common that we think that a heterosexual man would struggly pretty bad if he was changed into a woman. And since we both write about that in caps I thought I could use that as something humiliating against us. Do you see how we are struggling? ;)

PS: Bren and Dementia are members at RachelsHaven and often used for cameos like that.

06 April 2012

Forced Adaption

That's an experiment I tried as a cap for it2707 at RachelsHaven who has done many of those gif-caps lately.