03 March 2012

Add to Martha's story

Many of you probably know that the Great Shift scenario is my favourite. It's always absolutely random, almost everyone is effected and it leaves many possibility to look at the event in a cap.
I've lately started workin on a project - my first Great Shift story. And to add something to the random aspect of the GS, I want to ask you all for certain details.
Of course there will be main characters, but (to me) it's also very important to add many other people and their fates too.
Therefore, I'd like you to think of possible fates where certain people swap bodies with CELEBRATIES!

E.g. "Thomas, 21 year old nerd => Paris Hilton"

You can add some more or even less information about the character and / or the circumstances of their swaps.
But I may have a nice selection and can pick from there for the story. :)

Für die Deutschen (for the Germans):
Da ich beabsichtige, die Geschichte (zunächst) auf Deutsch zu veröffentlichen, wäre es natürlich cool, wenn ich auch einige Szenarien bekäme von Jungs / Männern die mit deutschen Berühmtheiten die Körper tauschen. 
Jegliches Szenario ist willkommen. :) Danke


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