05 November 2011

Great Shift coincidences

That's a quick cap I made for Kelly (sp2000 on Rachel's Haven) and me. We both really share those interests when it comes to our fantasies and cap preferences. We talked about being such a hooter girl and I made this quick little cap featuring us. :)

03 November 2011

Contagious - You're next ...

I'm sorry, but I have bad news. Remember the last time you used a cash point of your bank? An unkown terrorist group used a newly developed virus that will copy DNS from anyone who uses those cash points. Moreover, the virus will spread over on your body immediately, causing a DNS exchange. 
Your bank is really sorry, but we didn't know about those incidents until the first changes took place. Mothers are now little boys, old men are now young girl, cheerleaders are now obese people and so on ...
As as we know you 45 people are the last victims to this virus and we could determine which DNS spead over to which body. The transformation will probably set in during the next 12 hours and will only take 10 minutes. We are sorry, but you'll be adapting to the former person's life. Sooner or later you'll be like the woman we show you in the picture.
Here's the list:

Jordi, 35, will become: Lindsay, 21

Stephen, 34, will become: Melanie, 23

Matt, 32, will become: Catherine, 28

Luca, 30, will become: Terri, 25

Jeremiah, 29, will become: Sarah, 34

Robin, 28, will become: Angela, 31

James, 27, will become: Anna, 21

Kevin, 27, will become: Amanda, 29

Niels, 27, will become: Ranga, 24

Robert, 26, will become: Steffie, 22

Tom, 26, will become: Heather, 26

Felix, 25, will become: Katharina, 30

Ryan, 25, will become: Brenda, 35

Taylor, 24, will become: Britany, 26

Alex, 23, will become: Johanna, 24

John, 23, will become: Chantalle, 19

Victor, 23, will become: Shauna, 29

Bob, 22, will become: Melissa, 31

Michael (submitted a pic), 22, will become: Anna, 18

Barak, 21, will become: Simone, 23

Cody, 21, will become: Rachel, 28

Martin, 21, will become: Caitlyn, 25

Alexis, 20, will become: Sandra, 21

Steve, 20, will become: Chanel, 24

Andrew, 19, will become: Simone, 27

George B, 19, will become: Lisa, 28

Julian, 19, will become: Anika, 26

Lance, 18, will become: Candy, 26

Travis, 17, will become: Jasmine, 22

Mike, 28, will become: Robyn, 24

Scott, 28, will become: Kendra, 34

Marco, 26, will become: Ashley, 22

Russell, 26, will become: Cassandra, 28

Daniel, 23, will become: Tiffany, 24

Michael (no picture submission), 22, will become: Candice, 40

Patrick, 22, will become: Amy, 19

Steve, 22, will become: Annabell, 29

Alex, 21, will become: Maja, 28

Brandon, 21, will become: Paris, 26

Ciaran, 21, will become:Heather, 25

Michel, 21, will become: Anastacia, 27

Morgan, 21, will become: Jennifer, 33

Kris, 19, will become: Jane, 25

Robert, 18, will become: Courtney, 29

Sam, 18, will become: Kathrin, 26

01 November 2011

New game: Update

First I wanted to answer some questions:

What should we send? A graphic file, best is: jpg or png
What about the content? A woman
Rated? Can be dressed or undressed. Porn scenes wouldnt work too well

Remark: This time I'll make it completely random, therefore I can't give unlimited access to this game. I'll use all the pictures I got and then pick them for each participant. So the earlier you sign up the better are your chances to be included. 
OR send more picture, then I can add more people. :)

DEADLINE IS THERE (Updated 1.11.2011  20:30 MEZ)

Good news: I received enough pictures to let everyone participate who signed up!