Copyright Disclaimer

I hesitate to use the term 'copyright' when it comes to the caps you will find on this blog. I respect creativity in almost all forms, and would never intend to steal someone else's work, or take credit that is not due to me.

I do not claim any ownership of any photographs or drawings that I use in any of my captions. They are all owned by their respective copyright holders. I do not make, nor did I intend to ever make money from any of my captions. This, for me, is an exploration of my own feelings, and an exercise in my own creativity. If I had the means to create my own photographs or drawings to use, I would certainly do so.

That being said, if anyone sees their images used in any of my captions, and would rather them NOT be used in that way, please let me know. I will gladly remove any image. You can send me a message in 'Ask Martha a Question' or contact me directly via THIS EMAIL-ADRESS
Thanks :)

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