27 December 2010

See you all in 1006² - 1005² !

Martha and her blog wish you all a good start into 2011. 

We hope that you had a nice Christmas fest and got many nice presents. :) 2010 has been very interesting for me because I became as active like I could never imagine before. About 14 months ago I made my way to RachelsHaven after visiting occasionally some yahoo groups for about 2 years. Then about 4 months ago I started this blog and it's nice to see how much it has grown in such a short time. 1 year ago I never thought I could ever create more than 200 caps and now I already have 88 people following my works - that's very cool. Let's see what 2011 brings you, us, me and this blog. I'm off to Sweden now to go skiing, see you next year. 


Post Scriptum:  
See the two girls on the right? Yes? How they grab their tits  still with a little disbelief? ........ you are right, those were men about 1 hour ago. 
How can you expect to read something on a TF blog without being suspicious of what it may do to you? Haven't you read all these stories?
Well, while you were reading all the stuff I wrote you also read the hidden parts of a spell. It's always amazing how people don't recognize what's happening to them, even when they grow large breasts while reading a blog entry - haha. Don't worry, soon your POV will change completely just like for Calvin who you can see below.
You better go shopping if you want to wear the proper outfit on your firtst New Year Evening party as woman. :D Enjoy the party.

Try something harder

Damn mosquito

I'm taller, I'm bigger and I'll get sex

This was a quickly done caption. I saw the picture and had this story in my mind.

02 December 2010

Me, a woman? Never!

This is one of the longer stories I've ever written. I made it for a nice person I know from RachelsHaven - Caitlyn. (Her blog can be found HERE) As some of you may know or probably noticed English isn't my first language and I always don't feel comfortable writing a lot text. Though I would kick ass in German with my writing skills I feel that I can't show it in English.
Well, I hope you all like it and maybe some of you can tell what they think about the cap. :) I enjoyed writing it.


Sitting down for two now