03 April 2024

Justice served ironically

"Good afternoon ladies," said the older course leader Karen with a visible grin.

"You've all been turned into women for at least a year for various offenses - that's why you're here," she said, looking around. The boys and men were more or less in a good mood. The new justice options had been around for a few years and they knew it was no joke and some were glad they only had a year ahead of them. For punishments over a year, the new women had to do a suitable job that matched their offense. In addition, it was of course embarrassing for everyone to have to go out in public as a woman and face their families.

Most of the new vagina owners listened attentively, as violations were accompanied by longer punishments.

"Ok. First of all, yes I was a man too, but I'm turned for life. No Karen jokes please, I'm sensitive about that. Listen carefully, it will make the whole thing a lot easier for you. None of you have life sentences, but I can tell you that too many mistakes and resistance quickly lead to that - the justice system is overloaded. By the way, the high heels are a salute from the judge and are non-negotiable, trust me. Before we learn the ropes as women, any questions?"

Jason on the far left did his best to keep his mouth shut.  He had been given the job of an Onlyfans model - for 3 years. He had uploaded pictures of his best friend's mother and created a fake account. He was of the opinion that a woman of her age could still be successful and that is exactly what he is now allowed to test as a 40-year-old female version of himself. "What about the money I make?" asked Jason, who was now on Onlyfans as Jessica Jugs.

"You can use the money to support yourself, but anything over $2,000 goes to your best friend's family. You must make at least 100k every year or your sentence will be extended by 1 year" Karen read from the sentence.

"What a shit, I can hold my tits up to the camera and not even earn anything!" said Jason, crossing his arms under his big, heavy boobs.

"Umm, so I just want to know how long I have to work as a prostitute every day?" the blonde in the front right asked with a smile. The 45 year old Robert hoped that this was optional for him for the next 2 years. He had slandered his neighbor as a hooker. 

"So it's up to you whether it's day or night - but 8 hours a day, except Sunday. Minimum 10 men a day, otherwise the sentence is extended by a month," said Karen and the smile disappeared from Robert's face. 

In the row behind them, David and Calvin already had their schedule for the strip club where they would be working for 4 years. The two crypto-investors in their early 20s thought they owned the world and were bouncing and harassing strippers in several venues. 

The two smiled as they somehow thought they could get away with showing their asses and tits on stage for a few years. What they hadn't realized was that they were in the private club of a secret billionaire's club and that they had to find true love. If they failed to do so, they would remain the trophy wife of a rich man for life.

Karen smiled. She had many of these classes every week. "Ok, let's start with penis lessons ladies ... "

First try of a longer cap after some time. I love irony and karma :D