29 March 2011

Question: Is your ideal female form (what you would WANT to be), the same as what you would want in a girlfriend?

First of all I have to apologize to you all. I received some questions and remarks via Formspring, but I didn't notice them until today since all the notification emails went into my spam folder ... very annoying. But I promise that I'll answer all the questions over the next days ...

But now to the question above.
My girlfriends so far have always been around the same age as I was / am. Most of them were blonde (current one is brunette), taller than the average woman and all were / are very natural. So, I love natural, tall women. Beside that I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be a couch potatoe or something. That's basically all I ask for and the rest comes from the character. :)
When it comes the female form I'd like to possess for some time I love variety. Sure, ideal forms I'd like to see on my girlfriends are among those ... I mean, I'm 26, so being a normal 26 year old tall woman ... who wouldn't want to try that out. :)
Additionally I have to say that I don't have an 'ideal form' when it comes to transformation scenarios. All these TF-things have to do with curiosity for me. If I had the chance I would try out some "female forms" voluntarily, but I wouldn't want to be that woman forever. When it comes to involuntarily transformations I like scenarios where I imagine myself struggling in a woman's body. E.g. being a much older woman, or being a chubby or even fat woman, being a woman of another race etc etc ... I like to think of scenarios that would really show how my character handles things.

But since the question asked for the bodies I would WANT to be, I have to say: NO. Example: I can imagine being a milf or mature woman, just to try it out, seeing how life would be, but I wouldn't want one as a girlfriend.

For everyone:
Is your ideal female form (what you would WANT to be), the same as what you would want in a girlfriend?

14 March 2011

Wrong place, wrong time

The "Neighbour Virus" is an universe that has been created by Terri from RachelsHaven. I saw her post about it the other day and decided to go with it since this universe provides a lot of randomness which I like. I hope the idea of this universe explains itself to everyone.


Same job, different perspective

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