24 May 2011

Yes, interesting party indeed!

That was a birthday cap for Petra from RachelsHaven. Maybe I should write some sentences to explain my intention with this cap.
I would say that Petra and I get a long very well, and as far as our caption preferences go we have different favourite haircolour on women. I'm blonde myself and I love blonde women, always have, though it doesn't mean I don't like other haircolours. Petra's favourite haircolour is red, which is at the bottom of my list. We both know that and like to make fun about it since we just have different tastes. :) So in this cap I let me end up as the redhead with a thing for blowjobs while Petra became the blonde to do all the kinky stuff. We basically ended up with what we like most in a cap just with the opposite haircolour.
I ended the cap with a sentence that the real me would probably say in this situation. When I had to become a woman I'd of course like to be a blonde, but in this new situation the redhead has it much better compared to Petra's kinky sex life as a blonde. :)

08 May 2011

I'm on vacation :)

Until 16th May I'm on vacation with my girlfriend and a few friends. I hope they all won't mind that I spend some days alone on Bikini Beach. As the picture above shows I had a lot of fun last year so I'm really looking forward to that trip, though it's in the middle of the semester .... but well. :D

See you all then,

A good book may help