29 July 2011

A larger cup than ordered

Alea iacta est - The die has been cast

This was a birthday cap for Courtney from RachelsHaven. The idea was a TG-Casino with a special philosophy ... can anyone loose here, except the male parts? ;)

25 July 2011

Cool girls drop their skirts

I had no idea he was that well hung

That was a little experiment. I thought long about a fitting story for this picture and this is the result. It includes an inanimate transformation.

24 July 2011

Accepting the truth

That was a birthday cap I made for Brenda from the Haven. She loves being hit by "the karma" and I thought that would be a good scenario. :)

18 July 2011

Living history

That's another cap I made for Dee. The special thing here is that it's based on the previous cap I made her. It can be found HERE.
The thought I had before actually thinking about the story was: "Oh wow, Imagine you are her ... there's no way people would look at you and not see a woman ... and you gained so much womanhood, that takes some getting used to."
The story then was sort of easy because the picture already showed a good theme and I just continued with my tourist guide tour through Germany and included myself again since I (see thoughts above) wouldn't mind being such a real life girl for some time. It'd would definitely be a challenge. :)

17 July 2011

My Abitur - again!

Remark: Abitur-degree is what you get after 13 years of school in Germany. It qualifies you to study at a university.

Work and travel

02 July 2011

Women tickets for your birthday

I made this cap for Dee from the Haven. It's a birthday cap for her. I used her favourite Gothic-theme for this one and included myself since I'd like to try out this sort of lifestyle. :D

You need to be flexible

This was a trading cap for someone from the Haven. It's about a voluntary change and with the man changing back.