05 November 2013

Not the perfect family anymore (requested by poll)

I hope all non-German readers are ok with the fact that I used German "celebrities" in this cap since it's been the result of the poll.

Ich hoffe, dass es kein Problem ist das ich zwei "Berühmtheiten" in einem Cap habe, aber ich fand das Bild einfach zu gut ;)

21 October 2013

Fuck you Great Shift!

That's a cap featuring a celebrity I did for a blog contest (Amel TG Caps)
I like the Great Shift alot. But here I tried to think a bit further of what could cause it ... maybe it's really someone pulling the strings in the Background ;)

22 September 2013

Welcome to Germany

A cap, once made for Brenda from RachelsHaven, due to the start of Oktoberfest :)

06 July 2013

Where's the local bodysuit shop?

Sorry for being quiet :(


unfortunately I had ALOT to do during the last months and I had to neglect the blog, so sorry for that.
Nothing bad or so has happened, it's just that the time during the summer is always rare for me since I travel alot, do alot of outdoor sport and well my gf wants some time as well. ;) Add the work to that and you may understand why my focus wasn't here on the blog or Rachelshaven.

I don't think I'll have another 2 months break now, but I also can't promise to post something every few days. I'll have to see how things develop and I hope you awesome followers will understand it :)

Have a cool weekend and enjoy the weather!


17 April 2013

A little Martha game - random fun again and instant new bodies!

Game time :)

FIRST: Pick a number between 1 and 1000 (each number will be a different girl!)

I guess we all know the mysterious old guy in the Spells R Us stores which tend to appear now and then, well, he has a son. 
His son though has limited magic powers, but it won't give him any powers over women.
The breast-man he is, he uses his only power - to turn men into women in case they did something mean to women - to get in touch with women.
So, he may approach you, touch you at your chest ... and while you wonder "What the fuck??" and you want to punch him, your chest will grow and a smile appears on the young man's face - he finally gets to play with some boobies, even though it's only for a second or two.
You on the other hand will suffer (or not?) from his joke for the rest of your life ...

SECOND: Watch THIS VIDEO and find out how you'll look like after he touched you. Fast forward to the fitting number and see how you'll react.

You all enjoy your funbags! :D

15 April 2013

Gast-Cap by Katja (Guest Cap by Katja, in German)


Katja hat mal wieder ein (wie ich finde) sehr gutes Cap auf Deutsch zur Verfügung gestellt, das ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte. Die Idee hat sie von einer von euch, aus dem Thema "Add to Martha's story"
Da sich die Geschichte langsamer schreibt als gedacht, können diese tollen Ideen ja ruhig verwendet werden, was ich auch geplant habe. 
Also danke nochmals für diese Ideen, die ihr damals geschrieben habt. :)


PS: Möchtet ihr gerne mehr Caps mit Deutschen Stars sehen? Wenn ja, welche? Und habt ihr Ideen? :)

12 April 2013

Gast-Caption by Katja (Guest cap by Katja, in German)


heute mal ein Gast-Cap von einem neuen Mitgleid bei RachelsHaven.com, Katja.
Wir haben uns gedacht, dass ein paar mehr Caps auf Deutsch auch gut ankommen würden, hier also der erste Versuch


08 April 2013

Meet Martha ... and the real Martha ... here :)

just something personal, since I'm super happy about it. :D I got the tickets for Tomorrowland 2013 today and those are REALLY hard to get by! I was wondering if anyone of my international audience is also going to participate. :)
Some friends, my ex-gf Martha, who has lent me her name (involuntarily ;) ) in the TG-atrium, and myself will be there.
The many international participants will make this festival really awesome ...

I feel inspired to do a festival cap now, I guess you all can look forward to one :) So, among all who post a festival cap idea, I'll pick the one I like the most and include the one who sent it in it:)