26 October 2011

New Game: Martha needs your help first

Hej hej you all,

I'm really amazed how many participated last time. :) I always had the impression that most people don't not like these "random bodyswitches" ... I'm glad you all proved me wrong!

Anyway, I have something planned and need to see how the response is this time. Again I want to do something where it's absolutely random which body you may end up with. For that:

DEADLINE IS THERE (Updated 1.11.2011  20:30 MEZ)

Good news: I received enough pictures to let everyone participate who signed up!


16 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 65 to 81

Hello people,
first of all I wanted to say sorry that it took so long for me to post the final results. Last days were really busy with many appointments, gf, party etc .... but finally ... here are the last 17 participants. :) Hope you all will still enjoy your vacatios.

Yesterday at a party I met one of those girls and I thought it would be cool to offer 5 places for the Spells R Us customers. :) 5 new grid-girls as they can be seen right before a Formula 1 race starts. Women and the best cars in the world, doesn't that sound like the perfect vacations? ;)

From left to right
Ryan     now Roxie
Luke     now Laura
Christ   now Claire
Christ   now Christa
Mark    now Wanda

Then I decided to let 9 participants be the 9 women of a small local Miss Competition. Maybe you can use your temporary fame for something nice?

From left to right
Dan         now Allison
Will         now Jessica
Christ      now Chanelle
Robert     now Robyn
Jack        now Jen
Jim         now Yvonne
Gary        now Hayley
Martin     now Elizabeth
Adam       now Kelli 

And finally, the last 3 participants are going to spend their month as a German model.

From left to right
Niels   now Martha
Kris     now Julie
Aaron  now Julie

14 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 37 to 64

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12 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 24 to 36

Front row from left to right
Nick       now Nikki
Travis     now Shelby
David     now Jessica
Raven     now Song
Lance     now Gwen
Stephen  now Danni

Back row from to right
Andrew     now Rebecca
Ray           now Lillith
Luca         now Valentina
Gustavo    now Roxana
Bill           now Emily
Jeff          now Jillisa
Matt         now Carly

The next 13 owners of a ticket can see their new selves. Enjoy your vacations ladies. :) 
It's not easy to find the right pictures for all those participants, that's why it's taking a while until all are covered, but I'm getting there. :) 
Anyway, Spells 'R US and I decided that it would be a cool idea to let 13 men have vacations as women in a cheerleader camp. :) Wonder what other groups of women we will come up with ... remember, you signed up for a randomly choosen body. ;)

Mabye the new cheerleaders want to tell us what you'll do during this month? How about the word that you chose to describe your personality, how would it change ... or would it be part of the female you during your vacations?


11 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 1 to 23

1st row (in the front), from left to right
Steve         now Megan
Taylor        now Ashlee
Jeremiah    now Megan
Mattia        now Rebecca
Josh          now Jessica
Scott         now Miranda
Marc          now Mariah

2nd row, from left to right
Wayne     now Natasha
Dominik   now Vera
Robert     now Edith
Joe          now Brigid
Christ      now Lianna

3rd row, from left to right
John        now Vicky
Michael    now Brianna
Matt        now Amy
Sam        now Tessa
Felix       now Valerie
Russell     now Lisa

4th row (in the back), from left to right
Jeff         now Melanie
Dale         now Stephanie
Charlie     now Jenna
Dave        now Diane
Matthew   now Rebecca

So, that are the first 23 who got their ticket. Enjoy your vacations ladies. :) Mabye you want to tell us what you'll do during this month? How about the word that you chose to describe your personality, how would it change ... or would it be part of the female you during your vacations?

10 October 2011

Update: Who of the girls will be you?

First of all: lol
Second: Cool :)

Amazing, 55 takers within less than 24 hours. I had to talk with the Spells 'R US travel agency and we came up with a good solution. :) Though we didn't expect more than 23 participants we will expand our capacities!
That means, everyone who wants to go on this trip still can :) 
The deadline for this offer is now 19:00, Berlin-time ... 13:00, New york etc etc ...

I'll post then the group pictures of the participants this year with their new randomly choosen bodies. :)


09 October 2011

Who of the girls will be you?

Hello everyone,

I decided to come up with another little interactive idea here on my blog. That means you can help choosing your new body.
With your post here you sign up for a special offer from Spells 'R US and you only pay with your dick. ;)

Woman for a month - the special vacations!*

Spells 'R US offers 23 places for interested men of any age, culture, etc. All men will be become fully functional women between 18 and 28 and of any race. If you want to participate, choose your body for a month now.

How do you do it?
Easy. Post a reply and post 3 things: YOUR CURRENT NAME, THE NAME YOU WANT TO HAVE AS A WOMAN and most important: ONE WORD, that describes your current personality. :)

With that you sign up and Spells 'R US will use the information to choose a body for you.
The group photo of the new 23 women and the information who is who, will be posted when all slots are taken or when 1 week is over.
Just come back when you signed up and look forward to a great month. :)


*Pregnancy, legal marriage or debts you have at the end of the month will make these vacations permanent