11 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 1 to 23

1st row (in the front), from left to right
Steve         now Megan
Taylor        now Ashlee
Jeremiah    now Megan
Mattia        now Rebecca
Josh          now Jessica
Scott         now Miranda
Marc          now Mariah

2nd row, from left to right
Wayne     now Natasha
Dominik   now Vera
Robert     now Edith
Joe          now Brigid
Christ      now Lianna

3rd row, from left to right
John        now Vicky
Michael    now Brianna
Matt        now Amy
Sam        now Tessa
Felix       now Valerie
Russell     now Lisa

4th row (in the back), from left to right
Jeff         now Melanie
Dale         now Stephanie
Charlie     now Jenna
Dave        now Diane
Matthew   now Rebecca

So, that are the first 23 who got their ticket. Enjoy your vacations ladies. :) Mabye you want to tell us what you'll do during this month? How about the word that you chose to describe your personality, how would it change ... or would it be part of the female you during your vacations?


  1. seems these guys enjoy sweet bodies :o I wonder what awaits the rest of us

  2. i like my new body thanks!:)

  3. I'd like a ticket for next round please!

  4. ohh please do this again , great idea. I want a ticket too.

  5. Oh, I love my look! Petite and cute. Thank you so much!

    I'd be very curious and adventurous, spending a lot of the month just getting out there. Not really acting much different than normal, but seeing how things would turn out now that I'm a woman.

  6. I love the new body! Its gunna be one great vacation, because im very adventurous! i cant wait to explore my femininity. thank you