12 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 24 to 36

Front row from left to right
Nick       now Nikki
Travis     now Shelby
David     now Jessica
Raven     now Song
Lance     now Gwen
Stephen  now Danni

Back row from to right
Andrew     now Rebecca
Ray           now Lillith
Luca         now Valentina
Gustavo    now Roxana
Bill           now Emily
Jeff          now Jillisa
Matt         now Carly

The next 13 owners of a ticket can see their new selves. Enjoy your vacations ladies. :) 
It's not easy to find the right pictures for all those participants, that's why it's taking a while until all are covered, but I'm getting there. :) 
Anyway, Spells 'R US and I decided that it would be a cool idea to let 13 men have vacations as women in a cheerleader camp. :) Wonder what other groups of women we will come up with ... remember, you signed up for a randomly choosen body. ;)

Mabye the new cheerleaders want to tell us what you'll do during this month? How about the word that you chose to describe your personality, how would it change ... or would it be part of the female you during your vacations?



  1. *does star jumps*

  2. Can we still enter??

  3. Thanks Martha, Danni here! Thanks for the cute body! I'm going to spend my holiday losing my geeky inhibitions and just having fun with my hot new body - I've already got my eye on a couple of guys to help me relax and test my new body. Quick question, I can still go back to normal if I get pregnant? I forgot to read the small print...

  4. Just in case a few extra tickets are lying about. Name; Thomas New Name; Cynthia Word; Repressed

  5. Yes just in case! :)

    Name: Tim
    New Name: Tiffany
    Word: Girly

  6. Ooh, cheerleader camp! And a brunette too!

    I bet as part of my vacation, my personality would become a mix of my old self and a perky cheerleader. I hope I'd get to know some of the other girls better, if you know what I mean!

    Thanks for the "vacation"!


  7. Thank you Martha! You gave me a pretty body. First of all I will test my body in private, then I will pick up a pretty cheerleader girl like me and... ^_^


  8. Thanks Martha! I love my new body. It is so sexy!
    I think over the summer I will try to be a perky cheerleader but I don't know if I will entirely lose my geeky side. I might also pick up some guys!

  9. My name is Emily, at least it is for the next month.

    I was deeply disappointed with my assignment at first. I was Bill, a 52 year old college professor. I have been writing a history of the lives early settlers in Wisconsin. The critique of my first draft was that my description of the settlers seemed cold and wooden.

    I accepted the criticism. Frankly, I always was cold and distant so I jumped at the chance to be a woman for a while. I expected that I could experience some of the trials and experiences of women struggling with real life issues. It would help my writing and my understanding.

    Instead, I immediately felt that I surrounded my empty headed sexy cheerleaders. The month would be wasted and boring. When I realized my mistake, I was overwhelmed by regret. I could not help myself. I did something I have never in my life done. I started to cry.

    One of the girls took me in her arms and tried to console me. She gave me a shoulder to cry on and reminded me it was only for a month anyway. Then I realized how wrong I was. The girls were just like the settler women. We were in a very new and strange place and would need to stick together. Then I started to ball all over again.

    I guess I have a lot to learn.

    One other strange thing. When she was holding me, my tits rubbed against her. They were so sensitive. Are they always like that?

    I guess I am already very different than the middle aged, cold intellectual that I was for the first 50+ years. I guess I have no choice but to give in to the comradery of the girls. I think I will learn something. I am just not sure what.


  10. I am not sure why but I have already lost my ability to stay focused. I know that I should keep notes every day but I have already missed a day.

    Anyway, I love how athletic my body is. Cheerleading requires flexibility and balance. Even when I was young, I was awkward and clumsy. But it is exhausting.

    After cheerleading practice, most of the girls were dying to hook up with the boys in the sports camp down the road.

    I am still uncomfortable with the role that I will live this month and I certainly did not want to hang out with a bunch of jocks. So I stayed in, put my nightie on and sat on the bed with the intent of writing.

    I thought I was alone but I wasn’t. Valentia, the girl who was so nice on the first day, was in the doorway to my room. She is so nice and thoughtful. She sat on the bed and asked me if I was OK. She put her arm around me and gave me a hug.

    When she hugged me our tits touched. It was electric. I also felt a tingle in my panties. The next thing I know, I am on my back and her tongue is in my mouth. The rest is private. But I will say that I am glad that I stayed away from the boys because I don’t seem to have much control of my feeling or emotions. I don’t want to get pregnant and be stuck in this body.

    I have my life of books and ideas. I have to remember to stay in control.

    I also promise to write down thoughts regularly


  11. This is Emily. I used to be a professor but now I am a cheerleader. I know that I was supposed to keep good notes on my experiment as a female but I keep forgeting.

    Valentia was so good to me at the beginning. She let me snuggle in between her legs and kiss her. Then she got a strap on and started using it on me every chance she could. OMG, that was unbelievable.

    Now she started going out with a boy. She keeps telling me that I should try it. She promised me that she would fix me up with oneof her boyfriend's buddies.

    I remember that there was some reason that I should be careful. I just can't remember what it was. And he looks like such a hunk inb his picture.

    I promise I will write eery day.