17 April 2013

A little Martha game - random fun again and instant new bodies!

Game time :)

FIRST: Pick a number between 1 and 1000 (each number will be a different girl!)

I guess we all know the mysterious old guy in the Spells R Us stores which tend to appear now and then, well, he has a son. 
His son though has limited magic powers, but it won't give him any powers over women.
The breast-man he is, he uses his only power - to turn men into women in case they did something mean to women - to get in touch with women.
So, he may approach you, touch you at your chest ... and while you wonder "What the fuck??" and you want to punch him, your chest will grow and a smile appears on the young man's face - he finally gets to play with some boobies, even though it's only for a second or two.
You on the other hand will suffer (or not?) from his joke for the rest of your life ...

SECOND: Watch THIS VIDEO and find out how you'll look like after he touched you. Fast forward to the fitting number and see how you'll react.

You all enjoy your funbags! :D


  1. you definitly try an do more interactive stuff lik this its fun and i love who i become i could definitly see me as girl 556

  2. veeeeeery nice... you're sooo creative! :) Thanks! I'm number 221 now... ;)

  3. Hehe, glad so many liked it and you all got nice bodies, looked them all up ;) Well, I picked 280, the amount of followers my blog has ... so that's me now.

  4. I picked 523. Not bad :) These interactive things you do are always awesome!

  5. 84 ... Ally

  6. 69 blonde happy