08 April 2013

Meet Martha ... and the real Martha ... here :)

just something personal, since I'm super happy about it. :D I got the tickets for Tomorrowland 2013 today and those are REALLY hard to get by! I was wondering if anyone of my international audience is also going to participate. :)
Some friends, my ex-gf Martha, who has lent me her name (involuntarily ;) ) in the TG-atrium, and myself will be there.
The many international participants will make this festival really awesome ...

I feel inspired to do a festival cap now, I guess you all can look forward to one :) So, among all who post a festival cap idea, I'll pick the one I like the most and include the one who sent it in it:)


  1. Wow! Awesome festival, would love to go

  2. i got 2 tickets for tomorrowland and im from Canada so i really cant wait

  3. my idea goes like that: one guy got a ticket to the "new tommorow land" which its slogan is " giving you a new tommorow". while he is there there is a show of a D.J called Xtra femme which he never heard of. and while he was in her show he and was so focused on dancing the music turnes all guys into girls withouth they will notice

  4. Cool, more people from abroad is always nice. :)

    And Barak, my loyal follower :D, I guess I'll work with your idea now. I like it. Need to find a good picture now :)

    Have a good weekend you all.