03 November 2011

Contagious - You're next ...

I'm sorry, but I have bad news. Remember the last time you used a cash point of your bank? An unkown terrorist group used a newly developed virus that will copy DNS from anyone who uses those cash points. Moreover, the virus will spread over on your body immediately, causing a DNS exchange. 
Your bank is really sorry, but we didn't know about those incidents until the first changes took place. Mothers are now little boys, old men are now young girl, cheerleaders are now obese people and so on ...
As as we know you 45 people are the last victims to this virus and we could determine which DNS spead over to which body. The transformation will probably set in during the next 12 hours and will only take 10 minutes. We are sorry, but you'll be adapting to the former person's life. Sooner or later you'll be like the woman we show you in the picture.
Here's the list:

Jordi, 35, will become: Lindsay, 21

Stephen, 34, will become: Melanie, 23

Matt, 32, will become: Catherine, 28

Luca, 30, will become: Terri, 25

Jeremiah, 29, will become: Sarah, 34

Robin, 28, will become: Angela, 31

James, 27, will become: Anna, 21

Kevin, 27, will become: Amanda, 29

Niels, 27, will become: Ranga, 24

Robert, 26, will become: Steffie, 22

Tom, 26, will become: Heather, 26

Felix, 25, will become: Katharina, 30

Ryan, 25, will become: Brenda, 35

Taylor, 24, will become: Britany, 26

Alex, 23, will become: Johanna, 24

John, 23, will become: Chantalle, 19

Victor, 23, will become: Shauna, 29

Bob, 22, will become: Melissa, 31

Michael (submitted a pic), 22, will become: Anna, 18

Barak, 21, will become: Simone, 23

Cody, 21, will become: Rachel, 28

Martin, 21, will become: Caitlyn, 25

Alexis, 20, will become: Sandra, 21

Steve, 20, will become: Chanel, 24

Andrew, 19, will become: Simone, 27

George B, 19, will become: Lisa, 28

Julian, 19, will become: Anika, 26

Lance, 18, will become: Candy, 26

Travis, 17, will become: Jasmine, 22

Mike, 28, will become: Robyn, 24

Scott, 28, will become: Kendra, 34

Marco, 26, will become: Ashley, 22

Russell, 26, will become: Cassandra, 28

Daniel, 23, will become: Tiffany, 24

Michael (no picture submission), 22, will become: Candice, 40

Patrick, 22, will become: Amy, 19

Steve, 22, will become: Annabell, 29

Alex, 21, will become: Maja, 28

Brandon, 21, will become: Paris, 26

Ciaran, 21, will become:Heather, 25

Michel, 21, will become: Anastacia, 27

Morgan, 21, will become: Jennifer, 33

Kris, 19, will become: Jane, 25

Robert, 18, will become: Courtney, 29

Sam, 18, will become: Kathrin, 26


  1. Great series of pics. I really liked this game. One question though, I missed what DNS is. What do you mean by that?

  2. Oh god, its fantastic, thanks. :)

  3. Thanx for the warning. I can't believe that not only am I going to become a woman but I'm going to lose a decade as well. Well I guess i better get used to it "Brenda" out

  4. i feel bad for the terrorist because they only made me happy so they faild their job, i mean 8 years gone isn't that bad

    -Sam, Kathrin in a few hours

  5. Well i'm only 4 years younger but damn am i hot now! Do you have a way to contact the people responsible for this as i need to send them a thank you note.

    Matt - Catherine

    (Great game I can't wait for the next one!)

  6. I will gladly lose 18 years for a body like that. Great game.
    Michael - The future Candice

  7. OMG! ITS ACTUALLY HAPPEND ! i m now a really beautiful girl actuall i think my new life will be much better then my old live

    barak now simone

    ( cant wait for next time)

  8. Oh shit! you weren't joking. A few hours ago i felt a sharp pain in my stomic and fell over. The next few minutes were agonizing yet in a weird way pleaserable. Then i passed out. When I woke up my cloths felt like a blanket and when I stood up my pants fell down. I was 6 ft before and now I cant be more than 5'2. Some men, showed up and essentially kidnapped me. They told me that I can't ever go back to my old life and if i tried to contact anyone they would kill me and that I would have to live the life of Brenda Houtz, teacher, wife, mother of two. Oh God what am I going to do.

  9. i love my new body its so hot and i love the name anika so i dont mind loosing some years
    finding a hot lesbian shouldnt be to hard in this body ;)
    hope you make more interactive things like these
    Jul oh ehm ... i mean Anika :D

  10. It was really a shock for me to see this africal girl in the mirror after I blanked out suddenly. I could not believe that this is me now. After some time crying I had to check out this body and I really like her breasts and especially her ass. It's really strange to have to live as an african girl now, but I think I will adapt to it sooner or later. I stil have to get used to the name Heather...

    (I really like this game and looking forward to the next one)

  11. MMMMM , it happened so fast , confused to say the least, Feel realy silly and strange and turned on all at the same time. Keep looking in the mirror , like if I stare long enough this will all make sense. I think Im horny for myself , but I keepwant to try on shoes. MMMM , I like looking at the new me , but Cant really accept the facr its me yet. I guess it will really hit me when my monthly curse starts . Ohhhh that felt good , mmmmm think Ill explore a bit. Robyn , not Mike anymore , Im Robyn . Oooohhhh this is weird.

  12. Omg, I love my new younger body. Anna- 21. WIN !

  13. Please, make that game again. I missed the whole thing...

  14. How does this work