05 August 2012

Martha likes Olympia and ...

the hot women you can see there. :D

Apart from all the great contests and athletes I can't help it but stare at some of the hot women there. I'm a sports-crazy person myself and I find sporty women simply super sexy. :) Man, some of them are sooo hot!! 
But I also couldn't stop wondering what would happen if some of the TG-universes or simply magic would mix up some of the games. :) Like, what would the huge muscular weightlifter do if he ends up in the body of a small female Chinese swimmer.
Are there female atheletes you find really sexy who you would like to see used in a cap? Who is a good protagonist to get / take over this body? 
Did you have similiar thoughts while watching the Olympic games?



  1. OMG! I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking what would happen if the Great Shift hit the Olympics. It would be interesting to see men in the bodies of gymnasts or rhythmic gymnasts. They could also be something ironic like synchronized swimmers, the pregnant shooters, or women from countries where losing is not tolerated.

  2. sure there are and i will give a few examples

    Antonija Misura : croatian basketballer
    Alex Morgan: american footballer
    Caroline Wozniacki :dennish tennis player
    Darya Klishina :russien long jumper
    Laura Ikauniece :latvian Heptathlete

    i would love taking one of these bodies

    1. *drool* :D So many hot women from the East-European countries :)

  3. I'd love to be shifted into females like

    McKayla Maroney or Sabine Spitz

    1. This McKayla Maroney looks like she can never smile ... hopefully she could in a new body ;)