15 June 2012

New Customers


  1. Hi Martha,

    I am totally addicted to transgender captions. I visit a lot of different blogs, but by a great evil turn of destiny, I just came to know yours a short time ago. But I didn't waste time. I looked every caption you posted since the beginning. For my taste your blog is the best. Thank you for sharing all of these great pieces of fiction with us. The only sad thing is that I really wanted to have participated in the games where readers changed into random women. What a awesome and creative idea! I hope you do it again, I'll be first on the line. Kisses from Brazil!!!

  2. Hello :) Thank you very much for your nice words. They made me feel bad that I haven't had the time in the past to update the blog ... but I'll definitly do more of these "games" since I already got some cool new idea from other followers, so watch out. ;)


  3. Great caption perfecley written as alway carnt wait to see more, could you check my blog out and tell me what you think any criticism greatly appreciated
    Kira x x x