12 April 2012

Become what you write

That's a cap I made for CaitlynMasked from RachelsHaven. She proofreads alot of stuff for me and that's why I made her that dirty little cap and included myself.
We both have in common that we think that a heterosexual man would struggly pretty bad if he was changed into a woman. And since we both write about that in caps I thought I could use that as something humiliating against us. Do you see how we are struggling? ;)

PS: Bren and Dementia are members at RachelsHaven and often used for cameos like that.


  1. Love these caps where they end up getting a taste of their own medicine, and the shock that comes with it!

  2. I don't know how I forgot to comment here! Must be all that cock Martha and I are going after!

    Seriously though, great cap Martha. It was fun to read, and I'm happy that you went on this adventure with me.