29 October 2012

How much money do YOU need? (results)

Hey :)

First of all I wanted to say I'm sorry. I read some of the "annoyed sounding comments" but you all had the right. I started that game over a month ago but was terribly busy and ill for some time. So I hope that you all are not too mad at me that I post the results that late.

But here they are ... your new type of bodies after your next vist at the ATM around the corner :) I made 11 categories for the different amount each of you chose - let's hope you picked the right amount so you can enjoy your new body.

1 € / $ / 
£ - 50 € / $ / £ 
(Looks like you are going to go to school again - who knows if she's the school slut, but with her looks she certainly could be it. Don't be too shocked about your medium sized tits ... others have it worse)

51 € / $ / £ - 119 € / $ / £
(How ironic ... you picked one of the lowest amounts, yet you have a high maintenance body now. The office job you now have requieres the latest sexy fashion to hide your mature age of 43)

120 € / $ / £ - 222 € / $ / £
(Hehe, it was fun to watch her getting the body at the ATM. I could immediately see the former men only noticed the tits suddenly hanging on his 25 year old chest. At least she only wears her stripper outfits at work ... )

223 € / $ / £ - 310 € / $ / £
(Yes, it's you now ... are you wondering why the woman you are now didn't wear a bra when she was using the ATM? She also didn't want to buy one with the money ... will be funny to find out what your new body likes and wants ;) )

311 € / $ / £ - 452 € / $ / £
(The whole package for you ... and I guess you can imagine she needed the money for bady equipment. Don't look that disappointed only because you are a woman, have huge tits and a huge belly ... you have a good job, a nice husband and soon a cute baby.)

453 € / $ / £ - 640 € / $ / £
(Well yes, chubby girls also use the ATM ... let's just hope you won't use the money to buy more food. If you try to use it to get some new clothes though, you'll find out about the problems chubby women have when they go shopping. But hey, you are cute otherwise and good clothes can make you pretty sexy - even for your classmates.)

641 € / $ / £ - 760 € / $ / £
(Haha, get used to your tits and don't pull down your top for the 1000th time this day to look at your perky B-cups. You should buy some push-ups though ... a nice cleavage is always a plus for a secretary. I mean .. let's assume that's how you became the chief secretary ...)

761 € / $ / £ - 865 € / $ / £
(Ok, you are bit older now and your milfy tits can't be hidden at all, but hey, you have a rich husband, you drive a nice Audi SUV for the errands and you have 3 nice sons. May be a huge change for you, but you'll get alot of fun from your new fun bags.)

866 € / $ / £ - 999 € / $ / £
(Ethnic minorities also use ATMs ... as you know now. You are pretty hot and you Turkish family is pretty proud of you. The only downside is that you may not like your husband-to-be the family picked for you ...)

1000 € / $ / £ - 1251 € / $ / £

(You certainly got the biggest ass of all ATM 'victims' but by now you should also know it's a nice 'weapon'. With your job at hooters you may not be too happy, but at least you get to know many men that way and admit it - you like that and need that.)

1252 € / $ / £ - 1500 € / $ / £
(Ironic ... looks like there's a reason why the women you switched with got the most money from the ATM. A prostitute like her makes alot of money ... with no other education and the fake breasts of yours you really have no choice to do something else, at least for some time. But hey, you look pretty happy so it can't be too bad ;) )


  1. Ooh, nice results! Do love when this blog does things like this! And hope the illness has cleared up now!

    1. Yes, it's all good again. Just a cold I get every 2 years or so :-P

  2. Ok, so like Im like using this A.T.M. thingy and now I'm like this 16 yr old chick and like i so totally wasn't. Im going through my purse and i dont even have a driver liscence all I have a is like a student ID. Fuck I hated school.Then again im hot as shit now I could so get a lot of di-I mean pussy. Plus I already like passed it once doing it again will be like so totally easy. Evry1 will think I'm a genis a fucking hot geneous!Every1 will want me to give them blowjobs! I mean will want to give me blowjobs or whateva the chick equivielent is. oh I get it Atm... hehe. Fuck Im like so totally horney. That guy at the atm is kinda qute OM MY GOD HE JUST TURNED INTO PREGNANT CHICK! Still I'd do it.

  3. im glad you are feeling better, thanks for the post i liked it alot :)

  4. Glad you're feeling better. And very interesting results. Now why would I want a bra with twins like these?


  5. hehehe I'm a milf now! I couldn't be happier!!! Thank you so much Martha and magic ATM!

  6. Wie geil, ich bin jetzt eine 25 jährige Brunette mit dicken Brüsten. Es hätte kaum besser kommen können. Danke.

  7. Very nice comments so far :) I like to hear what you all think about your new bodes.
    By the way, I also participated since it was completely random - even for me. Result, I'm a hooker now ... I guess I shouldnt have get all that money ... I need to get a better make-up though :-P

    1. I really like this idea! Hope you can do something similar again!

  8. I'm a 25 year old stripper now? At least I bring in a good amount of money then. Plus having these big tits is amazing.