24 January 2011

What would you choose?

Ahoy there,
on some blogs I saw that people ask questions or start discussions. Therefore I thought I could post a question that aims at people's preferences and would make them explain why they picked what they've picked (If they want). I had this question in my mind for some time and will just ask it now.

Assumption: You are given the chance to be changed into a completely functional woman (as you desire only temporary or forever)

BUT: You can only decide one detail about your new body. 

When you've picked one detail and said how you want it, the other details are selected randomly.

E.g.: If you've picked your desired breast size, you may become older than you'd like and blonde instread of a redhead etc. ... or ... if you've picked your favourite hair colour,you may become a rather short african american woman with small breasts.

So, what would you choose?


  1. Sounds funny!

    Ok i choose body type. curvy yes curvy a real yet healthy hourglass sahpe :)

  2. I would leave it all up to the fates and take what comes and enjoy every moment of it

  3. Age. One can always change hair color, breast size, work on ones body type. Height and race all depends on where in the world one is at.

  4. If I had to choose just one then I'd go with age. I'd want to be in my early to mid 20s, or possibly about 18 or 19. Just the right age to be starting out with a new career.

    The rest of it i could work on. I could change my hair colour, breast size - well there is always surgery to increase or decrease its size. Height I wouldn't have a problem with as I know some gorgeous women who are very tall and also very short. Race - I don't think that this matters too much in the UK these days. Body type - well there's always exercise and dieting if I feel I need to lose weight and I can always eat more and workout if I think I need put some on in order to get a body that I'm happy with.

    So definitely age would be my choice

  5. definitely age... there are certain things i would like to do in my new body, and would love to be in a position to pull them off... ;)

  6. I am in agreement with most.. I'd chose age as well. For the same reasons most have already said.

  7. Good question Martha. I think i would have to go with height. I am no spring chicken so unless I am in my 60s It won't be a big difference to me (and younger that my current age would be appreciated, but not needed). Women have so many mor hair options that I do't think I'll even care about the color for quite some time. I would be so happy with even small breasts for long enough that I don't think breast size is an issue. More is better so by correlation some is better than none! I like my current race, but I don't discriminate. Every race has its benefits and its drawbacks. I think it would be fun to learn new things! And as for body type... well I don't have a great body type now, so either get what I got now, or get something better.

    The reason I choose height is simple... I"m tall now and always wanted to experience what it is to be 'short' and that would help me get a more 'this is vastly differnt' asspect on everything very quickly. Looking up at people that I've looked down at forever!

  8. I guess it would depend.

    Are we going to still have our personality, intellect, and everything else that we've developed from when we were male? Or do we start over, with a personality that matches our to-be-determined race, age, body-type, etc... ???

    If we were able to still be ourselves, I would probably go with age. I've always said that if I knew now, what I knew then (not even events before they happened, but just things like how to act, how to read people, etc..) then I'd be dangerous.


  9. Age. I would want to enjoy my new life. I'll choose to be 15-16 yeras old

  10. I kind of saw it comming that most would choose "age". :) But I understand each decision.

    Personally I'd go with body type, since I'd want to be a woman only temporary. The average woman is way shorter than I am now (6'4'') and I don't have a problem with most ages. My environment would treat me as a woman anyway, as a 17 year old and as a 45 year old.

    Jenny: Yes, race really doesn't matter nowadays (gladly) and it would be an additional bonus to experience life as a woman of another race.

    Caitlyn: Yes, the height is definitely an exciting compononent of becoming a woman. I totally understand why you'd choose that.

    Dee: Yes, personality, intellect etc will stay the same. Maybe you want to tell us why a 19 year old Dementia would be dangerous? ;)


    PS: Suggestions for more questions can be send to me :) I'll come up with some new "What-if-scenario" soon.

  11. It's a toss up between age and body type for me. Body type would give me the freedom to be high energy by choosing tall and athletic but on the other hand, age would give me the advantage of creating/working toward getting the athletic build I want. I think I choose age. Around 18 or 19. just out of High School with my whole life in front of me and time to work on getting the body type I want. Besides, I may get lucky and be given the tall athletic build right from the beginning.