06 February 2012

I'm sorry

Hej you all and sorry that I didn't post anything in almost a month,

time was really busy for me and though I had a free hour now and then I kind of forgot about the game on my blog. :(
First of all I want to say that I will post the results of this game soon. But for that, I need you to send me a few more pictures to the email-address below. 
Thanks to everyone who already sent me pictures - they arrived and have been stored. :)

Next Saturday I'll post the results, no matter how many pictures I got. 
You all don't have to sign up since I'll post a woman to each month of the year. The month you were born in will decide which body you get. :) Be sure that you can remember which of the types you chose in the voting some time ago. :)



  1. is this a sigen up post ? my birth day is on march and i already sent yopu some picks

  2. Ditto and December my email was mb65026

  3. Hej, there's no need to sign up as I wrote. :) I'll post random results for each month of the year.