07 January 2012

Upcoming game ...

Hello you all. :) 
I received MANY messages from people asking for a new "interactive game" and I thought it's time to do another one. I've been insprired by a suggestion I received via Formspring some time ago; here it is:

i got an idea for another interactive wha dont you let ppl change not only their body but change their race and country too? i mean why dont ppl tell you theri country and you will take them somewhere else with a local body?

Maybe you can imagine what experience I'll over this time? :) Anyway, this is not the sign up post yet - I just wanted to announce the game and ask for help as it is necessary for this game.
I need you all again to send me pictures of women (if you send some, please select women of many DIFFERENT RACES) ... please send them to:    NO MORE PICTURES NEEDED
Moreover, please include women of different ages AND if possible, let them fit the "types of women" I used in the vote right next to this post, e.g. cheerleader, milf, stripper etc. ... you can name the pictures like that if you want. :)
Thanks and I'll see how things develop. The more I receive the faster we can start this game.



  1. Wow! Cool i wrote it a long time ago and i thaught you dident read it. Its so good to know that this stuff actually inspired you i m looking foward to it!

  2. Already sent the pictures. Next step anytime soon? need my name, age, etc ?

  3. I want to be a dumb blonde from Germany named Martha! That'd be a slutty foreign experience!

  4. How long more before the game starts?