02 April 2017

I'm not a bimbo

"Man, I really look dumb and slutty *sigh* " Bryan said in the womens restroom and automatically finished to refresh his lipgloss. He didn't even care for the other womens stares who secretly thought what a cheap slut or whore he was. 

After the terrorist attack in Boston he moved away from there in order to have less people constantly look at him as one of the victims. Now, being in San Francisco, he hoped that people could live better with his new looks and attitudes. The virus the terrorist spread over Boston transformed over 25 000 men - mostly changing them into complete bimbos. First they'd get the body as if they had been born female but then the awkward changes set in. An obesession with make-up, fashion, bigger boobs and dyed hair were only some of them. For most people these victims were just stereotypical bimbos now. They learned to live with them and the government made it possible to give them some sort of easy job. 
Unmentioned were the cases where the virus suddenly stopped working. There were weird cases were men only would grow breasts or get a vagina. Other only had a female face and a female ass. Then there were some like Bryan. He got it all ... the complete body of a bimbo, the obsession with make-up, slutty fashion and ... that was it. No reduced IQ, no bimbo speech, no loss of memory, no super high libido. He was fully aware what he looked like, how others saw him and what the new attitudes made him do. 

He accepted that he is a she now and also the new identity the government gave him. She was still 26 years old and now went by the name Brenda. In the free economy no one really wanted to hire her anymore and she also wasn't able to continue studying Management at MIT. She was doing one of the government supported jobs as a waitress. 

Brendas life already has changed over a year ago and she accepted that there was no way that it was reversible. She started to accept her changed and also that she a normal heterosexual woman. Today she had a date with the 3rd guy.
"I really hope Jason can see beyond my looks and is interested in me personally" Brenda thought. Unfortunately Jason again was only seeing an easy girl for some one night stand. Despite Brendas efforts to immediately make clear that men can talk and have fun with her she would have to get used to the sentence "I am not a bimbo, I only look like one" for the rest of her life.
The urge to finally get the breast implants her body wants wouldn't help, but Brenda was hoping she could mentally force herself to not get fake tits until she found a boyfriend or husband even.

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