04 March 2014

Alot to explain

Using the Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event (FOSE) invented by TG Swapping Caps :)

Hidden desires

A request: 
Hello, I was wondering if you could do a cap where a shy college student named Sam finds himself put into the body of the campus slut.

I also tried to include some results of the voting so far and it seems that many would like a dirty story/pic sometime. I hope you don't mind Sam, in case that isn't your cup of tea ;)

03 March 2014

Wrong place, wrong time

Hello you all,
I just wanted see if some of you have requests for me. I recently enjoyed doing them, but I haven't gotten any in the request section since a long time. If you want, you can also send requests to kajal1010@gmx.de
Depending on my mood and how many I get I'll see how many I can fulfill in the future :)


01 March 2014

The new perception of politicans

Another request: Father and son to a younger and older female politician

23 February 2014

(Recommendation) Face Swaps

Hello everyone,

over at RachelsHaven we have a new artist, Megan, who is capable of doing amazing photo manipulations. :) Here are two examples of her where she uses Justin Bieber's face:

She already did one for me too and she's doing really great! Anything goes with her, PG, X, XXX ...
So if you are brave enough to look at a girly version of your own face or if you want to see your face a whole new body, she is your choice. :)

If you want to, she'll keep all the pictures private, so it's only between you and her.

You can contact her by signing up at RachelsHaven.com and then go to THIS thread.