01 August 2017

Maniac with a magic wand

"Hold still, I'll be done with you in about 10 minutes. Your lips will take some time. So, tell me why or how that maniac got you and who you were" the make-up artist said.
"I don't know exactly why but it was only some hours ago. I first saw him when he yelled at me at the airport. I accdidently ran into him and said sorry, but he immediately had this wand in his hand. He only said that I can follow him to his lounge and then sparks hit me. I could only follow him and his buddies from then on. My girlfriend screemed, we were about to leave for 2 weeks of vacations. She wanted to know what's happening, but he turned to her, the sparks hit her and instantly she was a wearing a red flight attendent uniform just like me now. I only could walk and followed them until we reached this area. He pointed the wand at me and asked if I want to fly or walk on the street. After I said that I wanted to fly the sparks hit me and I instantly turned into ... this."

"Ah, the classic trick question. Good you said you want to fly, otherweise you'd be already walking the streets as a hooker and believe me, you'd look alot sluttier than now."

"What? I hope my girlfriend is alright. What is all that bullshit? I mean is that some sort of crazy magician or what? And fuck ... my voice is annoying."

"Get used to it, it will be yours for the rest of your life if you play after his rules. I'm surprised you never heard of him. James Sullivan. Long story short. He once found that magic wand and since then used it to gain power, wealth and fame. He is probably the richest of all and owns anything you can imagine. He got the wand when he was 19 and guess what the first thing was he did, it shows what an maniac he is. His 3 years older brother who was always favoured by his parents and was more successfull ... well, he made him his trophy wife. His parents he turned into a pair of asian housemaids."

"Oh god, that shit's crazy. There's no way out? I mean he seems to do it often, it must get boring. And why did he have to make me look like some porn star or so?"

"You see he does that so many times per day, he won't even remember you after a while and you'll be just some woman with a nice rack for him. He won't trap you or so, at some point you are free to go. As for the transformation, well, he basically only imagines something in his head and you turn into it, in your case a stewardess right from a porn movie. Afterall, you and I were men, so we know what pictures we can have in our heads."

"You were a man too? Why haven't you left already?"

"Yes  I was. I'm Jack, now I go by Tiffany Melons, a hand selected name by our manic. It was 5 years ago. I was just kissing my girlfriend and suddenly I turned into that stripper you see here. He must have been bored and unlucky for me, he remembered me as being his biggest bully back at school. Unlike you he consideres me a close enemy and wants to see me suffer as his personal assistent for new girls. There, we are done. You can go aboard now and I guess your girlfriend is waiting there too."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry mate, but I hope he didn't change her. By the way ... I got a new name too? I should be Max and I'm 24. On my left tit it only says Mile High Airways."

"Yes, I think here in your purse you should have something. Oh .... . "What? Is it that bad?" ... "Well, you will be free at some point and you can go with your girlfriend and normally he gives the new girls normal names, but for today I guess he had a special image in his head. You are now 29 year old Candy Cocksucker."

Unfortunately Candy Cocksucker found out that her former girlfriend now almost looked like him, just blonde and that the maniac considered keeping them until he found new replacements. Until then both would not only serve drinks and food but Candy also blowjobs and her girlfriend anal joy on the toilets.

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