30 July 2017

The Femi-Witch

A few minutes earlier:
After overhearing the conversation between Justin and his teenage buddies she was furious. They were sitting in the fast food restaurant talking about Ashley, a girl from school, who worked here. "Totally a girls job since she's hot enough for a waitress" Justin said. "I want a girlfriend who earns her own money. Not some gold digger bitch or so" David added. "Right. I mean we live in the year 2017, I don't want to be the only one working later while my wife sits at home and plays housewife like my mom. She could work but she's just sitting at home" Justin said. "You guys are not fair. Think of women that are on their own ... otherwise ... they can always have sex for money, it'd be so easy for them" Evan the girl-magnet said. 
Suddenly Ashley the waitress stopped as if she was frozen. She guys were puzzled when a young woman approached their table. "Hello boys. I'm Samantha and unfortunately for you I'm an independent woman, a feminist and a witch. At your age you already have pretty stupid and sexist opinions and I'm going to fix that hopefully. 
You three listen now. First there's nothing you can and second I'll only say it once. You'll all be women. I use my magic cell phone to change you and also .... well, call that a little fetish of mine ... to take a picture exactly during the moment when you are transferred into your new bodies. Your facial expresssion will be priceless ... but I digress. 
Evan, women can always have sex for money and it's easy? For you I'll find a nice hooker to take her place, you'll get the body when I take the picture. I've seen some nice ebony and hispanic ones down the road, I hope you don't mind that they were a bit older, do you? 

Well, I'll see ... Now for you David. Yeah, all women that look good and want to date men are gold diggers or bitches for you. I will find you a nice bimbo body of some high school drop out. Good luck trying to convince people not to see only your appearence. Do you like fake tits David? No .. you shaking your head? Well ok, I'll find one with big natural ones, but instead with huge fake lips! Blonde or brunette David? Hehe, I knew you'd say brunette. Platin blonde would immediately make you look much cheaper and more stupid. Well, I think Jesscia Rabbit red will suit you. OK, sorry I'm mean to you, you see men too often called me a bitch ... well, what name you want? What .. Danielle? Sorry but you'll look like a bimbo in case you haven't noticed. Oh I know it ... you'll be a real life 'Barbie' for your little sister.

Justin, it's really sad you think that about your own mom. Maybe you've only never seen what she did for you? Well, for you I'll drive to your home and take a photo of your mom. If she has such an easy life I hope you don't mind being her for the rest of your life. But since you said your mom, soon you, doesn't do anything at home I need to help you. How old are you Justin? 16, ok. Well, you are going to be 45 ... oh, and yes, you will be married to your dad! Don't look so shocked ... you will be his wife Pamela, not to forget the mother of your 14 year old sister, now daugther. I think ... to spice up your life as an independant woman, you are going to have an affair. It's only fair - my magic lets me know your dad, I mean husband, has an affair too. Any wishes on who your affair should be? No? You don't want any? Well, I also know you loved calling moms of your classmates cougars. I think I'll give your body a high lust for younger ... let's say local-college-age men. Black young men ... yes, that's fits a suburban housewife. Let's also make your body more high-maintenance. You decide: Make-up or clothing? What will be your passion you use alot of time for? Ok, make-up and nails it is ... but ... as a cougar. I need you to wear high heels always! I think your husband will like it too.

I think we are all set now. After 1 year you all will be able to have normal lives, though you will continue them in the bodies you'll get. You'll have to fight for womens rights and try to make the world less sexist by being independant and proud women - if you don't you'll just continue the special life I've created for you. 
Alright boys, I will leave now. The next time you see me it will be after a flash and you instantly get your new body.

The boys panicked and couldn't believe what just happened. Justin tried to get home but suddenly something like a flash hit him bright in the eyes..


"Uhhh that's a great shot Justin ... I mean Pamela. How does it feel having a big cock in your vagina for the first time? By the way, your mom was a bit bitchy when I told her my plan ... I mean she was a proud woman and didn't want to give up being a female and your mom. I decided to help her and instead of turning her into your old self you now also have a 16 year old daugther who is 7 months pregnant.
Alright Justin ... ah, sorry, Pamela. Enjoy your fuck here with Franklin. Don't forget to take the birth control pills and hurry, your husband will be home in an hour. Enjoy your life as a housewife. I'm out to take care of the hooker and the bimbo" the witch said and vanished. 

(to be continued?)

English isn't my first language and I always wonder if I should keep it shorter so that everyone can read it easily. I always have the feeling my writing is bad, but when I wrote the story I just had to add more. How do you like it?