03 September 2011


The wake up process is never something special. (Ok ok, except for waking up with your girl or boy next to you) But in general it's something most do while still being half asleep.
Now, the day could come when someone, who thinks that it deserves you right, exchanges your towel in bathroom. You think of nothing special, doing what you are always doing in the bathroom and then you take down the towel ...

(Click on the picture to see yourself in the mirror seconds before removing the towel from your face)

What's your reaction? What would you do? How would your morning routine change?


  1. buy alot of tight/revealing clothes and get a job as a stripper


  2. panic, followed by more panic, then self exploration of my new body, get dressed (in my male cloths), panic, try to get my life figured out

  3. Oh, I would love it. I would be so happy knowing that that was be forever

  4. panic and curiosity. waking up will never be the same again. no more morning wood or usual peeing routine.

  5. First thing...shave my arm pits then thank the powers that be for granting my wish.