31 August 2011

Thank you all :)

Hej hej,

I have been pretty busy lately and didn't have the chance to make any new caps or so. But I had a look at my blog and other blogs today and noticed something nice in the stats-section of my blog. 
I thank all of you followers and viewers for more than 100.000 pageviews last month. :) Moreover it's cool that I'm close to the 10^6 th  visitor in the next month. :) Unfortunately I can't find out who this lucky visitor will be, otherwise I'd have a present ready. 
Additionally I wanted to show you all the development of my "blog-popularity".
In September my blog will be roughly 1 year old. For having started it based on an instant idea it's a nice development ... at least 80.000 views a month and by now 166 followers. 
Even though it's only a small thing here and only deals with TF, it feels special. I mean even my ex-gf could visit this site and I don't know anything about it. With breaking the 1 million views limit it's amazing to think about who visited me. 

But well, thanks again an you all and I hope you'll enjoy the blog and its content in the future. 
Have a good evening.


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