22 August 2011

The Great Shift hit ...

Well well, beautiful new you's. :D Maybe you want to share some of your thoughts about what you did / thought / etc. when you recognized your change. What do you think? Are yo happy? Not? Why? :)

Fate number 1:
Fate number 2:
 Fate number 3:
 Fate number 4:
 Fate number 5:
 Fate number 6:
 Fate number 7:
 Fate number 8:
 Fate number 9:
 Fate number 10:


  1. Remark: The pictures were choosen by coincidence. I had picked around 40 that represent a rough picture of women in the modern society from 15 to 50.

    The results of the poll had a direct influence on the result of the Great Shift. :) I found it interesting, that the # 3 and 7 were the most popular. ;)


  2. I have to say this was beyond a fantastic idea on your part. I, and I am sure the rest of your fans, love it :)

    I am number 8 and so that would be a lot to take in to say the least. Thinking as realistically as possible my first thought would probably be "Oh shit Im pregnant!" I would be scared and confused and probably would only be able to think about how much birthing a child is going to suck. I guess abortion is an option, but theres no telling how long these people had been trying for a kid and I just could not throw that away for them. I would probably then walk to a mirror and realize that i was pretty hot, so that would probably calm me down a bit. I know that's vain, but it would be a welcome comfort. While I would feel bad about it I would have to leave her husband. He, whether he shifted or not, deserves to chose who he will be with. Living life as a straight male I assume I would still be attracted to women and would try find a wife. No doubt there will be plenty of women looking for women after the great shift anyways so I doubt I would have to look far. I would probably keep my job as a teacher if at all possible just because I am pushing 40 and am with child so it would be hard to start over. I am an paramedic in real life and wouldn't have time to go through all of those certifications again. Living life in a lesbian relationship at a new job and in a new body would certainly be a challenge, but Im sure I could make something good out of it and live a happy life.


  3. This was a really clever idea. I love both the poll and the results.

  4. I had chosen number 7 and i absolutely love my results. btw first time commenting love your work trying to read it all as you update new stuff yours truly your newest fan Andy

  5. Hello, this is my first time commenting and I have to say I love what you did here. It really brings you into the fantasy. Thanks

    I had chosen number 3 and would have loved the result. She is young and attractive, and I have always wondered what it was like on the other side of the fence. It might be difficult to clean up her reputation and maybe lose some weight (though I don't really think she needs to), but I think it would be an exciting experience.

  6. Cool, thanks alot for those nice words you all and thanks for your feedback on the whole GS project. Nice to see that many think in the same way as I would in their GS situations. :)

    I'll take down the poll now, so here are the results in case someone wants to have a look again. :)
    1: 3%
    2: 4%
    3: 14%
    4: 13%
    5: 8%
    6: 10%
    7: 22%
    8: 10%
    9: 6%
    10: 5%

    What do you all think? Should I do something similar? Another project? If yes ... suggestions?


  7. What a fantastic post! I love the idea of The Great Shift and what a cool way to be able to think of the randomness. Please do more! It would be cool to do one with random male and female body's for your spouse if you are married. I hope this isn’t too long but I just couldn’t stop lol.

    First off let me say who I was before the shift and then I will say what number I was and the aftermath of it.

    I was a 26 year old Caucasian male that was 6 foot tall, brown hair, an athletic 175 pounds and in good shape. I graduated college four years ago and was moving along in a very successful career in high end software sales. I was married to my high school sweetheart who is also 26. She is 5'3", Blonde, big C/little D breasts, gorgeous pale complexion, sweetest and most caring person I have ever known and the love of my life.

    The shift put me into body #5.

  8. Although I didn’t shift much in terms of age the changes the Shift made in my life have been profound. When I woke up in this body I was absolutely shocked at my appearance. I had completely changed races, lost six inches in height, lost a considerable amount of weight and strength, gained 36E breasts, gained a very ample bottom which led to sexy thick thighs and tiny size 6 feet. Everything instantly looked a little bigger and I could feel my body slightly jiggle with every move I made. After the initial shock wore off, I figured out I was shifted into the same apartment complex my wife and I live in so I put on the bra, V neck t-shirt, jean shorts and flip flop that were laid out on the bed I woke up by and ran out the door to find my wife. (The previous owner had apparently been getting ready when the shift happened. It looked like she had just finished her makeup when it hit). I was only shifted a few apartment buildings away but there was so much chaos going on outside my heart was pumping out of my chest when I reached my apartment door. I was so scared to open it and was so worried for my wife. The door was unlocked and I walked in to see my wife crying on the couch with my old body consoling her. I screamed her name and ran towards her telling her who I was and that I was so happy she was ok. She seemed startled and confused but I hugged her so fast she didn’t have time to say anything. Our breasts squishing together was an interesting feeling but I thought to myself that I could get used to it. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and a familiar male voice timidly said “Honey…that’s not me…that’s a ten year old boy named Billy in my body” I swung my head around and looked at my former body which was now occupied by my wife. I couldn’t handle the emotions and burst out crying and fell into my wife’s new strong arms.

    We adapted fairly easily and are very happy with the outcome of the great shift for us. I had always had a thing for women who always dressed nice, always had their makeup perfect and loved to wear high heels. My wife never loved to do those things as much as I wanted and it was a constant struggle with us. She always complained of heels and cramps and her breasts hurting at the end of the day and well now she doesn’t have to do any of that. She is happy with how tall and strong her body is and she actually has more confidence than she had before. I have taken on the role of the well dressed and made up wife and I honestly love it. I was so bored with clothes as a guy but now I just absolutely love it. The girl who owned this body before me must have worn heels a lot because even the highest pumps are no problem for me to wear all day and downtown when we go out. I also like it because I can feel tall again and see eye to eye with my new husband. After a few weeks we tried having sex and even though it was a little weird at first I now love having sex and we are going at it pretty much every day now. (way more than before the shift) The funny thing is that my wife had been very unsure of herself in bed as a woman and was timid when it came to experimenting in bed. Now that she feels strong and confident in my old male body we are doing things I never thought we would get to do. I quit my software job and I started a small boutique catering to men who recently gender switched and need a little help figuring out what to wear. I love being a wife and we are talking about me becoming a mother in a few years. When the time feels right I can’t wait to be a mommy.

  9. do another please :D

  10. Very cool description Zoey. :) Very nice ... like a short version of one of the very rare GS stories on fictionmania. I really enjoyed reading it and it's cool that you outlined who you have been before. :) It seems that you and your new boyfriend have an interesting life ahead. :)

    Also thanks to "Brenda" who wrote down her story. :) Very nice as well.
    And Andy, thanks that you became a fan. :)


  11. I found your website just last week. So I looked at the ten possibilities before I understood that I was supposed to take a number. For a day and a half, I just kept thinking about it. Having submissive fantasies, I naturally thought about being the submissive Lebanese housewife, the town bicycle and the student who had to perform for extra credit.

    I figured out that I could still make a random choice. So I decided to open a book and accept the last digit of the page as my fate. It came up a 5.

    I was taken back by my fate. I am not really prejudiced but I am uncomfortable around black people. The idea of being a black girl was hard. I also did not expect to be a girl with a future. Then I started to think about it.

    I was terrible in science so there was no way that I could possibly stay in medical school. So I would have to get another job at the hospital. I failed at becoming a technician so I wound up working in the laundry.

    But the hardest thing for me was my boyfriend. He was older and big and strong. I realized that it was not really black people I was uncomfortable with, it was black men. Now I belonged to one. And belong I did. He had been worked in hospital as a secretary (female). Apparently, the women whose body I occupied had a reputation as stuck up. Even though he knew I was not really her, he loved putting me in my place. That turned out to be on my knees in front of him. My beautiful tits were his to give him a cock massage. Before he came in my mouth.

    I thought about leaving him but I did not make enough money in my new job, my old friends were not very open to my race and I was really nervous in my new neighborhood without his protection. After a while, I accepted my new life. I will say that it is true. Once you go black, you never go back. His tool makes me come so hard that I gladly cook and clean for him. I do wish hew wouldn’t spank me though

  12. Too bad I missed out on that poll. This is a very interesting idea. Hope you do it again soon.