01 August 2011

Question: How big do you like breasts?

That's a question I received via Formspring and I thought I can answer it now. :)

First of all I have to say that I'm not sure how it's meant. Breasts in general, on women? Or on me if I had to choose? I'll just answer both possibilities. 

On women: I can't say. I tend to say: Rather bigger than too small, but usually (and I admit that I'm a breast man) I see the "whole package" and if that fits I don't care for the cup size. A small girl can look great with B's as well as with D's ... so that's really hard to answer.

As for breasts on myself ... I think of breasts as the most prominent feeling that would remind me that I'm a woman now. I also can imagine how much large breasts suck after a while .... just seeing women who do sports, even in sport-bras. And plenty of women have told me that "problem" before. 
So if I could choose, and assuming I'd have an average body otherwise, I'd probably go with a C-cup. But I have to say that in my fantasy I don't choose that myself. I'd like the experience and the challenge to get along with the bust I got ... 
Like I said, the breasts are (in my head) the most prominent feeling that underline I'm a woman ... therefore I think that a C-cup would be appropriate. 
I'd really suffer from ridiculous large (fake) breasts or something. In that case (speaking as my male self now) I'd prefer small breasts over fake breasts.

Wow, I never wrote that much about tits ... good I get to see my gf tonight. :D

Anyway, what's your opinion on that?


  1. Hi Martha,
    It's an interesting question among us T folk on so many levels because we are such a diverse community.
    For me it was always about what size breasts I wanted as I have never been into girls.
    When I started on hormones I was told an A would be about all I could expect and I would have happily accepted that. Now I am a B and I love my breasts but sometimes catch myself thinking 'a C would be nice'.
    I guess we're never happy!
    Yvonne. x

  2. Like Yvonne, it is my breast size that I am concerned with. I am much more interested in the big and shapeliness of my bubble bum, but I've recently come to accept and be proud of the fact that since my frame is larger I will require larger breasts. D cups were something I didn't want before, but since men love them, and I'm going to need them, I love them too.


  3. not being a woman I can't answer to well, but cups of all sizes are beautiful, my likes range from rediculious to flat they're all beautiful, I think in fantasy bigger can be better, but in real life be happy with what god gave ya..

    I swear I'm a B cup tho...