16 October 2011

Spells 'R Us vacations as women: Places 65 to 81

Hello people,
first of all I wanted to say sorry that it took so long for me to post the final results. Last days were really busy with many appointments, gf, party etc .... but finally ... here are the last 17 participants. :) Hope you all will still enjoy your vacatios.

Yesterday at a party I met one of those girls and I thought it would be cool to offer 5 places for the Spells R Us customers. :) 5 new grid-girls as they can be seen right before a Formula 1 race starts. Women and the best cars in the world, doesn't that sound like the perfect vacations? ;)

From left to right
Ryan     now Roxie
Luke     now Laura
Christ   now Claire
Christ   now Christa
Mark    now Wanda

Then I decided to let 9 participants be the 9 women of a small local Miss Competition. Maybe you can use your temporary fame for something nice?

From left to right
Dan         now Allison
Will         now Jessica
Christ      now Chanelle
Robert     now Robyn
Jack        now Jen
Jim         now Yvonne
Gary        now Hayley
Martin     now Elizabeth
Adam       now Kelli 

And finally, the last 3 participants are going to spend their month as a German model.

From left to right
Niels   now Martha
Kris     now Julie
Aaron  now Julie


  1. Holy Shit! A few days ago I checked out this site and saw they were giving away Spells R us vacations. I was so excited but there was one problem, I was too late.

    The next few days I watched as dozens of men where transformed into cheerleaders, milfs, buisness woman and colledge graduates(imigne all the graduation parties). I was heartbroken.

    So envious was I, I begged in the comment section that they're be another trip. losing hope I went to bed. I had a dream i don't remember much but i remember getting on a train.

    *Ring Ring Ring* Before I even opened my eyes I knew something was different. Evrything was different. I knew I had to answer the phone. I herd a womans voice" On behalf of formula 1, I would like to thank you,Roxy, for flying out to Korea for our big race the bus leaves in two hours, be. Be ready. I know this is your first time as a grid girl and if there is anything you need don't hesitaite to ask."

    "What the hell is a Formula One and what did she mean Korea? Grid Girl? Oh well back to sleep" but I couldn't sleep everything felt off. Opening my eyes for the first time since i woke up "Thats not my pillow" Looking around "Where the hell am I" I jumped out of bed "Am I really in Korea? If I a-" I dash to the bathroom and look at the mirror. "Holy Shit!" I stare at the reflection silent for at least several minutes.

    First, I look down at and see tits then I look at the reflection. My first instinct was disapointment(they look much bigger just looking down at them then they do in the mirror). Even though they're small they have a beautiful shape.

    "I really am a woman" it started coming to me(Remember I just woke up). "Shit!" I need to get ready. First things first, Shower!" I would go into more detail but I have to hurry but trust me it was AMAZING! I go through my suitcase and find this little diddy al layed out. Looking at myself in the mirror was to say the least, more htan a little embarsing.

    "Screw That" i comand myself. All my life I've let shyness hold me back". For the next month no second guessing, no thinking twice just fun.

    No one knows it's me, which means no consequences ,which means I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!!! So for the next month I'm going to be Wild and Crazy. Sorry to the other girls but we all know I'm the Hottest Bitch on this vacation.

    Damn I only have a few minutes, so I just want to say thank you to Spells R us and Martha this is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. later Bitches -Roxy-

  2. So, has it been like a month yet? I tired of being a bitch. It was so much fun at first but then I started getting sick put on a "little weight" and those basterds fired me and none of the drivers will call me back. Ok maybe its more then a little weight but after all the blowjobs i gave I should have gotten a meddle not kicked to the curb. Im just ready to go back.

  3. I love your description of your new life here Roxie. And all the best for you ... some more blowjobs may help. ;)

    But I'm also a bit disappointed that these games I made never got much response when it comes to comments. It would be fun to read (imagine it as small TG stories) how everyone copes with their new identity. :)